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4-H History: State and Local Connections

Every state and territory has a significant 4-H history story which is unique - worthy of documenting and preserving. Participants who have experienced the 4-H program through the years have strong ties to these memories and experiences. The same can be said for most county 4-H programs.

This section provides a state by state directory for contacts and locations of 4-H archives, museums, websites and other information relating to state and local 4-H history.


United States

State and Local

To get involved at the state or local level:

  • Ask your state what they are doing regarding history preservation
  • Ask how you can get involved at the state or county level
  • Let them know what interests you have in 4-H history preservation
  • If you have personal 4-H artifacts or memorabilia the state or county office may be interested in reviewing it, or you might consider donating it to the state/county.
  • You might consider donating your time to help research or archive 4-H history memorabilia
  • There may be funding needs for special state or county history preservation projects.

To get involved with 4-H History Preservation, please contact the 4-H office in your area, or in the area where you were involved in 4-H.

Compiled by National 4-H History Preservation Team.

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