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Research and Writing - Awards and Recognition

Research and Writing - Awards and Recognition


To research and document the history of the National 4-H Awards and Recognition program that played a huge role in 4-H from the 1920s through the early 1990s; compile and document the history and recipients of the Presidential Award winners... 4-H top award for decades; document the history of National 4-H Congress in Chicago; and compile a listing of the recipients and write the history of the National 4-H Alumni Recognition Program. Also, research and develop sections on the National 4-H Hall of Fame, National Partners and Crested Clover Awards and Special 4-H Recognition.

Chairman: Larry L. Krug

Team Members

John A. Allen
Norman E. Johnson
Mary Kay Merwin
Grant A. Shrum

Status Reports


Three major sections dealing with the national 4-H recognition and awards programs' history have been drafted and are in the process of being added to the National 4-H History segment of the website.

National Presidential Winners is up live on the site. In addition to giving the history of the top annual winners in achivement, citizenship and leadership, it gives a complete list of all presidential awards recipients from the very beginning up through 1983 when the program was discontinued.

Additionally, it includes a segment on the original Hall of Fame program associated with the presidential winners and includes both a photo of Gertrude Warren accepting the Hall of Fame plaque and Alvin Davis, 1948 winner, posing by the plaque on the day he was inducted into the NAE4-HA Hall of Fame in 2010.

Two other large segments are currently being formatted by Rick Moses, webmaster, and will be posted live very shortly. These are history segments on the National 4-H Recognition and Awards Programs and the National 4-H Congress - Chicago. They will be posted in draft form without planned photos and links… these to be added later. Due to the size of these two segments, they may need to both be split into Part I and Part II.

Once these segments are live on the website we will have individuals review the segments for comments.

Larry Krug, chair


A great deal of the research has been done, and most of the draft writing completed, as well, for the Awards and Recognition section, the Presidential Awards winners' section, the history of National 4-H Congress in Chicago section and the history of the National 4-H Alumni Recognition Program section. The four combined sections amount to nearly 500 pages of draft copy. Larry Krug gave leadership to the research and writing.

Most of the annual Awards Handbooks for Local Leaders have been digitized. It is hoped that eventually a complete listing of national program awards winners can be found; if not, we may need to solicit this information individually from the states.

The National 4-H Hall of Fame is live on the website, primarily as a link to the NAE4-HA Hall of Fame section. The section of National Partners and Crested Clover Awards has been started, but is not complete. The Special 4-H Recognition section deals with special national awards received through the years by 4-H from outside sources, e.g. Rotary, Kiwanis and many other groups and agencies. This section is live on the history website but far from complete.

(Larry Krug, Chair)

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Compiled by National 4-H History Preservation Team.

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