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National 4-H History Website and Digitization

National 4-H History Website and Digitization


To help plan future directions and enhancements for the 4-H history websites. Determine ways that the backlog of digitized materials can get placed on the websites; and, that sections written for the sites can be properly prepared for adding to the sites, including the visualization requirements. Develop a plan for creating higher visibility for the websites including links from State and County Extension websites and other partners. Responsible for handling the 4-H History digitization program for both printed materials and audio/visual including the search for missing materials to place in the digitization process. Coordinate the 4-H Repositories program including establishing liaisons with all identified repositories and determining the relevant contents of their 4-H inventories.

Co-Chairman: Rick Moses
Co-Chairman: Larry L. Krug

Team Members

Karla Knoepfli
Bradley Kuennen
Karl McCreary
Jan A Scholl
Jay Staker
Tom Tate
Kendra Wells

Status Reports


A number of updates have been added to the website including in the Astronauts, Space and 4-H segment and U.S. Presidents and 4-H segment. Also, additions to the News Service and 4-H History team reports.

Larry Krug and Rick Moses


During the past month a number of "tweaks" and changes have been made to the history website. These include:

The homepage has been slightly altered to make grassroots programs more visible on the menu bar under the heading: Your 4-H History. A new segment on mapping is being prepared as this is one of the thrusts for 2015. Voices of 4-H History, including the 4-H FilmFest, Hands On 4-H History, and 4-H History Clubs are all included in this new segment. Also, a direct link to the sister website, 4-H Collecting Clubs, which will receive additional attention this year.

Under National 4-H History, new photos/stories have been added to the National 4-H Promotion Compendium segment. A new segment on 4-H and the Great Depression of the 1930s has been added to the site.

Larry L. Krug


The following History Website and Digitization Report covering the accomplishments of 2014 and initial planning for 2015 were presented at the 3/25/15 4-H History leadership team meeting.

The National 4-H History website was created during the first year of the program five years ago. It has become the ultimate source for National 4-H History, offering more information on 4-H history in one place, easily accessible on the internet, than anywhere else in the world.


2014 - A rack card promoting the website was produced during 2014, used with major target audiences during the last half of the year.

Banner image icons were produced to be placed on other websites for a direct link to the history website. These were promoted through the Newsletter, History News Service and on the history website.

2015 - We will attempt to strengthen our presence within key audiences. This will include getting as many state 4-H websites to carry a direct link to our history website as possible. We already have (from the very beginning) direct links to state 4-H history resources and contacts, although these need to be updated.


The National 4-H History section of the website features over 100 segments about 4-H history. Many of these have been completed. Others are in the research and development stages, and some have not yet been started in this ongoing project.

2014 - Status of segment activity during the past year:

- National 4-H Cnter - researched, drafted & edited
- Urban 4-H Programs - researched, drafted & edited
- National 4-H Promotion - researched, drafted & edited
- Boys Corn Clubs & Girls Canning Clubs - researched & drafted
- Early Black 4-H Clubs - research begun
- National 4-H Recognition & Awards Programs - draft completed
- National 4-H Congress - Chicago - initial draft completed
- National 4-H Themes - update completed
- Citizenship Washington Focus - researched, drafted & edited
- National 4-H Donor Support - researched, drafted & edited
- 4-H Brand Products from the Farm - researched, drafted, edited, forlmatted & posted
- Collegiate 4-H - Updated
- Native American 4-H Activities - researched, drafted, edited, formatted & posted
- Astronauts, Space and 4-H - researched, drafted, edited, formatted & posted
- 4-H and Radio… Early Days Growing Up Together - researched, drafted, edited, formatted & posted

2015 - Planned activity during the coming year:

- National 4-H Center - formatting and posting (Rick)
- Citizenship Washington Focus - formatting and posting (Rick)
- National 4-H Donor Support - formatting and posting (Rick
- National 4-H Congress - Chicago - review & edit (Larry)
- National 4-H Recognition & Awards Programs - finish posting (Rick)
- Urban 4-H Programs - formatting and posting (Rick)
- National 4-H Promotion - formatting and posting (Rick)
- Boys Corn Clubs & Girls Canning Clubs - complete draft, edit, format & post (Larry/Rick)
- Interesting 4-H Historic Trivia - post… and, then ongoing (Larry/Rick)
- 4-H Report to the Nation Program - needs completion of identifying team members/activities (?)
- 4-H Legacy Awards - needs updating and expanding (?)
- 4-H Heritage Club - needs update (Bo R.)
- National 4-H Congress - Atlanta - needs expanding (Chad)
- National 4-H Sunday - research and draft (Larry)
- National 4-H Dress Revue - research and draft (Sue, Eleanor)
- 4-H National Youth Science Day - research and draft (?)
- War Time 4-H Support - World War II - research and draft (Larry)
- 4-H Support During the Depression Years of the 1930s - research & draft, format & post (L/R)
- National 4-H Uniforms & Other 4-H Clothing - complete (Jan, Sue, Eleanor)
- 4-H Camps (general history) - research, write and edit (?)
- 4-H Heritage Quilts - A Tradition - research, write and edit (Sue B.)
- National Association of 4-H Agents - Update draft and expand (Betty G./Sue B.)
- National 4-H Poster Program - formatting and posting (Rick)
- National 4-H Supply Service - needs updating (?)
- National 4-H Literature Development - needs updating (Larry)
- U.S. Presidents and 4-H - needs completion (Larry, Sue, Rick)
- 4-H Songs and Music - needs future research, drafting, expansion (Music Program Committee)


2014 - Over 100 new listings were added to the printed materials archive during the year. Rick continues to update OCLC WorldCat (, Open Library (OpenLibrary.Org) and as appropriate as materials are added to the site.

2015 - Estimated 250 new listings will be added to printed materials archive this year. Additionally, a revamp of the archive categories will be finalized and completed.


2014 - Efforts were made to locate some of the vintage films and other A/V ais, but with limited succss. Descriptions of several of the films in th archive wre expanded as information came to our attention.

2015 - This area needs some attention. A number of the early films are located at the national Archives; many of these probably came from the Resource Center at the National 4-H Center. Need to find ways to get these films digitized. Probably talking about 25-35 films.


2014 - The 4-H repositories directory was expanded as new sites came to our attention; furthermore, contents of some of the sites were added o the repository listing.

2015 - Additional repositories will be added as they become known. Further, contents of existing listings will be expanded as we gain access to the information (or simply have time to do it).


2014 - During the year 42 news stories or features were created by the 4-H History Preservation leadership team and placed on the 4-H History News Service. More of the stories during 2014 included a photo or some other type of visual than had been done in the past.

2015 - Continue placing stories on the 4-H News Service with an overall goal of two per week; i.e. 100 news stories during the course of the year. Find more creative ways of getting visibility for the 4-H History News Service.


2014 - Discussions and planning began.

2015 - Finalize framework or structure for the photo gallery and rules/regs. For submissions and usage. Begin adding photos to the gallery by the end of the year.


2014 - A calendarized history of major 4-H events was started this year and will eventually be placed on the history website… and, hopefully many other websites.

2015 - Continue researching for this project in hops of having it to a stag for use on the wbsit by the end of the year. A large number of events which could (or should) qualify for listing are known only to have happened in a certain year or month; not the specific day or date. Need to determine how to include these events in the database.


2014 - No activity took place in this area during the year.

2015 - A change will be made early in the year to make this area more visually excessible to visitors to the history site via a direct link to the collecting club site rather than through an introductory page. Additonally, all areas of this collecting site shall be up and functional by year's end.


2014 - We had 137 items digitized for the printed materials archive during the year. While this was the year we were hoping to get the backlog of digitized materials prepared for placement on the wbsite, such was not the case. This continues to be problematic.

2015 - Getting digitized materials up on the website is perhaps one of the two greatest needs and challenges of the 4-H History Preservation program (the other being the funding area). Hopefully this problem can be resolved sometime during the year and moved along.


2014 - This area was kept up as best as it could b with those contributing and/or honoring someone added to the database.

2015 - Until there is someone assigned to fund raising who will take an interest and active roll in this segment of the website, probably little will change.


2014 - This section of the history website contains history liaison contacts and other information relating to 4-H history in each state. The database was created when the history website was started five years ago and has not been updated. Responsibility for updates was assigned to the outreach programs' teams at the time the program teams were initiated.

2015 - This section on the websit is in bad need of updating. As more and more queries come in, they can often be relayed to this section for a response… if it was current!


2015 - A new project initiated in 2015 on Mapping 4-H History will be developed this spring, joining the other 4-H History Outreach Programs, such as Voices of 4-H History, 4-H FilmFest and Hands On 4-H History. This grouping will be given higher visibility on the 4-H History website homepage's menu bar so people can easily find these special projects.

Larry Krug and Rick Moses


Rick Moses, the webmaster, has been working on preparing additional photos and stories for the National 4-H Promotion and Visibility Compendium segment of the 4-H History website. Eighteen new stories have been researched and written over the past 3 weeks bringing the total number of stories in the Compendium to approximately 130.

Larry Krug


Several history sections that have been researched and written have now been turned over to the webmaster for preparations for putting on the site. These include: 1) Private Sector and 4-H Donors; 2) Wartime 4-H Support - World War II; 3) Boys Corn Clubs & Girls Canning Clubs; 4) Interesting 4-H History Trivia; and 5) 4-H and The Great Depression of the `30s. Also, additional copy and photos have been provided to expand the sections on U.S. Presidents and 4-H and The 4-H Promotion Compendium.

Larry Krug


The history section on Boys Corn Club & Girls Canning Clubs has now been researched and written.

Larry Krug


A new section on "4-H and The Great Depression of the `30s" has been researched and written during the past month.

Larry Krug


Wartime 4-H Suport - World War II has now basically been written.

Larry Krug


The segment on Urban 4-H Programs has now been added to the National 4-H History section of the history preservation website. Allthough we anticipate additional urban stories on the 4-H history in specific cities around the country to eventually be added, it is at a stage where we felt it would be useful to add it to the website.

Larry Krug


The National 4-H Compendium of Promotion and Visibility has now been completed and added to the National 4-H History section of the website.
Rick Moses


The segment on the website showing National 4-H Themes has been revised and has replaced the older version.
Larry Krug


The segment on the history of the National 4-H Youth Conference Center has now been added to the National 4-H History section of the website. The document is still incomplete and more photos will eventually be added.

Larry Krug


The segment on Citizenship Washington Focus and other Citizenship programs at the National
4-H Center has been added to the National 4-H History section of the website. This segment is not completed and no visualization has been added. This will be forthcoming.

Larry Krug


The history segment in the National 4-H History section of the website entitled "National 4-H Themes" has been totally redone. Information on many of the years was missing on the original version. After considerable research, now 90 years of 4-H themes are shown with only four years missing.

Larry Krug


The Astronauts, Space and 4-H rack card has been added to the Astronauts, Space and 4-H segment of the 4-H history website with various options for downloading the promo piece for various uses.

Rick Moses


A listing of nine priorities for the 4-H history website which should be completed as soon as possible were identified on 12/12/14:

1 Add image (front and back) of Astronauts, Space and 4-H marketing rack card to bottom of Astronauts, Space and 4-H segment on the website along with live link so people can download for personal use.

2 Add image of 4-H History Website rack card tosite, along with a live link so people can download it.

3 Segment of National 4-H History called National 4-H Themes has been totally redone. What is now up ther should br removed and replaced with the new segment.

4 4-H Promotion Compendium. Much of this segment has been prepared for placement on the website. There are 5 additional stories to be added and several photos. This segment should be completed and placed in the National 4-H History section.

5 Private Sector and 4-H Donors section is ready to be put on the website.

6 National 4-H Center. Ready to put on the website.

7 Citizenship Washington Focus. Segment can be posted on the National 4-H History section of the website in the Events area.

8 Urban 4-H Programs. This segment is ready to be processed and posted.

9 4-H Contributions and Memorials. Ready to be updated on the website.

Larry Krug


Research and writing has begun on the segment in the National 4-H History section of the National 4-H History Preservation website entitled "Wartime 4-H Support/Victory Gardens."

Stories of the commitment to the war effort from 4-H boys and girls, their club leaders, Extension agents and 4-H alumni relating to both world wars are being written. These include Victory gardens; selling War Bonds and Stamps; 4-H purchasing military airplanes, ships and ambulances; scrap drives; recycling clothing and other items; repairing farm equipment and home appliances; increasing crop and livestock production, and much more.

This segment will hopefully be completed later on in 2015.

Larry Krug


During September, October and November several major segments were critiqued by various individuals and comments merged into documents ready for posting on the National 4-H History Preservation website. These included:

- Citizenship Washington Focus and other national citizenship programs
- National 4-H Donor Support and 4-H Funding
- National 4-H Center
- National 4-H Promotion Compendium
- Urban 4-H Programs

These are all large segments, however it is hoped we can get them online before the close of 2014.

Larry Krug, chair


During the month of July Larry Krug sent draft copies of several National 4-H History segments out to reviewers. These included: History of the National 4-H Center, History of National 4-H Fund-Raising and Donor Support, and History of Citizenship Washington Focus (CWF) and other national citizenship programs conducted at the National 4-H Center. All three of these are rather large, extensive histories.

In August, the above three draft history segments were also sent to the entire National 4-H History Preservation leadership team in advance of the August leadership team meeting. The drafts were later discussed at the meeting and several members made input into the drafts where there are still "holes" or missing information. The leadership team determined that the author should complete the drafts as best he could and then they should be posted live on the history website with the notation that there are still some areas of missing information and that we would welcome hearing from anyone who can help with supplying this information.

Larry Krug also sent a memo to the leadership team informing them of five other segments of 4-H history that had been added to the website this year. These included history segments on: 4-H and Radio, 4-H and 1-Room Country Schools, Native American 4-H Activities, 4-H Brand Products from the Farm, and Astronauts, Space and 4-H. This latter segment was produced to lend history support to this year's 4-H National Science Day which focuses on space engineering.

Additionally, Krug sent draft copies of a new segment on 4-H promotion to the leadership team. He states, "For over two years I've been struggling with the task of how we document the very broad area of national 4-H promotion and visibility. The 3-day tutorial session with new, key Council staff earlier this month forced the issue. One of their major interests was to learn more about the past efforts relating to promotion, marketing, and public relations of Council and its two predecessor organizations. I spent most of May and June researching and pulling various components together. The results is treated quite differently from previous history sections on the website. Called a National Compendium of 4-H Promotion and Visibility over the Past Century, the sction relates short stories about various promotion and PR efforts -- 100 currently listed."


On May 28 we had an opportunity to sit down with staff from the Business Technology (BT) Group at National 4-H Council to talk about assistance in getting the backlog of digitized materials up on the 4-H history website.

Rick Moses, Larry Krug and Sue Benedetti met with Ann Mullins, Director, Business Technology Infrastructure, and Kevin Karg, Web Projects Manager.

Both Ann and Kevin seemed interested in helping and suggested that perhaps a couple of the Tech Wizards, a growing 4-H mentoring program, might be a great "fit" for our needs. They are going to do some checking and stay in touch.

Larry Krug, Co-Chair


An initial draft has been done on a segment for the National 4-H History section of the 4-H history website on "Native American 4-H History." Our next step is to put out a request for people with knowledge in this area to help us by writing about the Indian history in their states, or to just act as reviewers for the draft. This should take place during June and July of this year.

Larry Krug


A new segment has been added to the National 4-H History section of the history website -- 4-H Brand Products from the Farm. In the early days of 4-H enterprising young girls and boys were using the term "4-H Brand" as a "stamp of quality" on their home-grown farm products resulting from 4-H projects kind of like the "Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval." While a fairly short segment, it is interesting reading and certainly a part of 4-H history. The principal authors were Larry Krug and James Kahler.

We will continue to look for examples of early 4-H brands that can possibly be added to this segment in the future.

Larry Krug


The new project on "On This Day in 4-H History" was shared with the 4-H history leadership team at the monthly meeting today, receiving a good response. While it still is quite a ways away from being ready for placement on the website, members were urged to add events they run across that merit cosideration on the calendar and discussed various way it can be used, not only as a special feature on our history website, but on state and county 4-H websites, in our newsletter, in Council's newsletter, on Twitter, and so on.

Larry Krug


Webmaster Rick Moses made a report to the 4-H history leadership team today on the status of the various 4-H history domains and when they were scheduled for annual renewals. Everyone agreed that the cost of renewing the 19 domains, with a total cost of around $250 was a super bargain. He also relayed how the search engines were continuing to expand the visibility of stories and photos picked up off our website, including most recently the pilot 4-H Center QR Codes that have just been initiated.

Larry Krug


Gracing the spacious lobby of J. C. Penney Hall at the National 4-H Youth Conference Center in Chevy Chase, Maryland is the mural -- Head-Heart-Hands-Health. Painted by the eminent muralist, Dean Fausett, in the American genre, the mural captures the evolution of 4-H and the J. C. Penney Company during the 20th Century.

A new segment in the National 4-H History section of the 4-H History website features this impressive 16 ft. mural which was created in the 1970s when J. C. Penney Hall on the 4-H campus was dedicated.

Larry Krug, Co-Chair


Larry Krug and Rick Moses are working on a new feature for the history website -- On This Day In 4-H History. The feature will bring up a 4-H event or highlight or quote that took place on or near that day of the year. For example, "President George W. Bush officially inalugurates 4-H's 100-year anniversairy and receives Partner in 4-H Award" on January 17, 2002. This will appear on January 17. Or, "First National 4-H Grain Marketing Tour and Clinic (later calld Commodity Marketing Symposium) held in Chicago" on January 20, 1952 will appear on January 20. Or, again, Lassie and the 4-H Boys airs on the CBS Network as an episode in the popular Lassie television series" happened on January 5, 1969 and will appear under January 5.

Not only is it hoped that this will become a popular feature on the 4-H history website but will possibly also be picked up on other 4-H websites, hence drawing people to the 4-H history site.

Larry Krug


A new segment has been added to the National 4-H History section of the 4-H history website -- Astronauts, Space and 4-H. This segment was put on the "fast track" to get completed because the 2014 project for the 4-H National Science Day relates to aerospace engineering. Staff at National 4-H Council responsible for Science Day have been notified of the new segment, suggesting that it might be used to help train 4-H leaders and agents on the history of 4-H and aerospace in preparation for the year's activities. The segment really is quite impressive, stretching from the early 1930s up to the present time showing the important relationship between 4-H and space/astronauts/rocketry in our history as well as our present. It begins with the special appearances of both Admiral Richard Byrd and avitrix Amelia Earhart at the National 4-H Congress in Chicago and moves on through the beginning of the NASA programs, astronauts who are 4-H alumni, special 4H projects that went into space and much more!

Larry Krug


Several additional 4-H repositories have been added to the National Repositories for 4-H History section on the history preservation website. Additionally a news article on this section was prepared for inclusion in the February 4-H History electronic newsletter.

Larry Krug


It has been determined that the 4-H history digitization program, while the "end products" will end up in the archives on tlhe 4-H history website, the digitization program is getting much larger can easily be separated from the website program. Hence, starting sometime this month (February 2014) the digitization process will no longer be part of the website team except for placing the end result up on the site. Locating and digitizing items for the Film and A/V Archive and the Books and Other Printed Materials Archive will be handled by two new teams for these two spcific areas.

Larry Krug


The Website and Digitization Team has had the following activity since December 1:

Research and Writing

A tremendous amount of research and writing has taken place on several segments in the National 4-H History section of the website.

The following new segments have been added to the site:

- 4-H and 1-Room Country Schools

- 4-H and Radio... Early Days - Growing Up Together

- National 4-H FilmFest (need assistance from Tom T)

The following segments have been researched & written:

- Native American 4-H History

- Boys Corn Clubs & Girls Tomato and Canning Clubs

- Astronauts, Space and 4-H

- 4-H Logo Products from the Farm

The following segments are being researched & written with priority status for completion scheduled in 2014:

- Urban 4-H Programs

- National 4-H Poster Program

- National 4-H Calendar Program

- National 4-H Donors and Fund Raising

- 4-H Songs and Music

- Citizenship Washington Focus & Other Citizenship Programs

- National 4-H Congress-Chicago

- NAE4-HA History

- Science and 4-H

- War Time 4-H Support

4-H News Service

This service appears both in the Home & News section of the website and at the bottom of the home page and every other major section of the website. There is a live link to add the News Service to your site. There is also a link for personally subscribing to 4-H News updates.

Ten news articles have been posted since the first of December.

Printed and A/V Archives

Both the Books and Printed Materials Archive and the Films and A/V Archive have had a number of additions made during the past two months. The combined total entries is now approaching 1,200.

4-H Repositories

The number of 4-H repositories identified over the past six months has doubled. One of our goals during the next 12 months is to learn more about the contents of some of these repositories, particularly as to whether or not they may have some of the missing materials we are seeking for digitization purposes. This may require personal visits by some of our history volunteers who live in the vicinity of a particular repository.

Donations and Recognition

A tremendous amount of time has been spent in January on the Contributions and ‘Honor a Friend or Colleague’ areas of the website.

Connect with 4-H History

Although there is a section that provides buttons for other sites to link to our site this is not being done to any great degree. This needs to be promoted in every monthly newsletter and as we give presentations and talk to people directly. County and state 4-H websites, and state 4-H foundation websites are all good candidates.

Digitization Program

A shipment of printed materials will be sent to Merritt for digitization in early February. We are awaiting the purchase order, plus a number of items that have come in to Sue B. directly that need to be added to the shipment.

The situation in getting already digitized materials on the website is a key priority area that needs to be addressed.

4-H History Preservation Program Teams

The framework of our National 4-H History Preservation Program activities for two years now has been structured in an “umbrella” of development teams working under a leadership team. There are currently 25 of these teams with specific functions. A few are not yet active, some are dormant, while others function on a near daily basis. A few have basically completed their work so technically their reporting days may be over.

Combined, a tremendous amount of activity by these teams is taking place. One of the best ways to keep track of these activities is through the team reports submitted by the team chairs. Some team chairs do a good job with this... other chairs do not. These reports, which should be sent directly to Larry Krug, are important to the leadership team, as well as for our nearly 100 volunteers working on the history program. It is the only way they can readily see - in one location - the broad scope of activity taking place. Over the past two years nearly 150 team reports have been recorded. Again, some teams are doing a good job with this; some have yet to submit a report. What does that look like? It looks like that team is doing nothing when in fact that may not be the case at all. In fairness, some teams like Voices, or the website, have many different activities going on requiring frequent reporting. On the other hand a research and writing team may be very active but frequent reporting is not required.

Team reports submitted during the past 12 months:

- National 4-H History Website and Digitization - 23

- Voices of 4-H History - 15

- National 4-H History Funding - 7

- National 4-H Still Photo Gallery - 6

- Reaching Key Groups - 4

- 4-H History Events and Publicity - 4 (none since April)

- Research & Writing - Lit. Develop. & Program Events - 3

- Research & Writing - 4-H Promotion - 3

- Hands on 4-H History - 2

- 4-H Collecting Club - 2

- National 4-H Calendar & Poster Programs - 2 (none since May)

- Research & Writing - Citizenship - 2 (none since April)

- Research & Writing - Natl Donors/Fund Raising - 2

- Research & Writing - Urban 4-H - 2

- Reaching & Writing - 4-H Songs and Music - 2

- Research & Writing - Natl. TV Series - 1

- Research & Writing - Natl. 4-H Center - 1

- All Others - 0

We urge all team chairs to please review your designated team area under the National 4-H History Preservation Leadership Team section on the website. If you determine that you need to make a report, please do so. Check over the team members on your team, as well. Are there volunteer names missing? (There may well be names listed that were “active” early on but are not active now... we tend to leave these names on the team list as a matter of record.) Also, review your mission or charter... if there are changes needed please let us know what those changes should be.

still Photo Gallery

The basic framework for the 4-H History Preservation Still Photo Gallery has been created. The Gallery framework consists of 5 major areas and 111 sub-sections

The Gallery, located at and has a number of images that appear in various articles around the website. Note that these are samples for illustration purposes only.

The Gallery supports over two dozen information fields for each image object. These range from the basics of title, description, copyright and people to fields for a 5-star rating system, GPS coordinates, tags and more.

While the Gallery is viewable to literally anyone, anywhere in the world, new sections/albums and image objects can only be added by persons with the proper credentials. Ideally, there would be a Curator for each section of the Gallery.

The visitors' count on the website shows visitors from all 50 states during the past year (we are patiently waiting for Vermont, Hawaii, Alaska and Rhode Island to hit the 100 visitor mark); plus visitors from 135 countries. The U.S. is first with over 55,000 visitors, followed by Canada, Japan, Jamaica, and the Philippines.

Numerous upgrades have been made on the history website during the past two months.

All of the 4-H website domains have now been renewed and other hardware/software enhancements continue to be made.


Materials from several different souces have recently come into the 4-H History development team. Select pieces will be pulled out and a large number of items sent to Merritt for digitization in early February.

Larry Krug


The section on Contributions and the section on "In Honor of" have both been updated in preparation for some major thrusts from the 4-H funding team.

Rick Moses


The National 4-H History Repositories section of the history website has been updated with a couple of new locations added.

Larry Krug


During the end of December, 2013 and the first two weeks of January, 2014, a number of the segments in the National 4-H History section of the website have been researched and much writing completed.

Three major areas which were completed and added to the website include: 4-H and Radio, covering the early days of radio, particularly from 1920-1930 and the heavy involvement of radio by 4-H; 4-H and the 1-Room Country Schools, basically covering the relationships between the schools, county superintendents, 4-H agents and land-grant colleges from 1900-1910; and, Astronauts, Space & 4-H, the tremendous story of 4-H's involvement in space from the 1920 up to the present time. This includes visits to National 4-H Congress in Chicago by people like Admiral Richard Byrd and Amerlia Earhart, astronauts who were 4-H alumni, a space age 4-H television series, the popular 4-H model rocketry projects and much more.

Two other segments nearing completion include: Native American 4-H History and Boys Corn Clubs and Girls Tomato Clubs and Canning Clubs. These should be completed by the end of January. Two national events that will be added soon include the National 4-H FilmFest and th National 4-H Engineering Challenge.

Additionally, two other segments being working on in January are: 4-H Logo Products from the Farm and 3-H/4-H Philosophy.

Larry Krug, co-chair


4-H History Website Visitors--
Three years ago -- on September 10, 2011 -- the National 4-H History Preservation website started using a visitor counter. This counter does not tally up "hits" on the site, but displays actual number of visitors to the site. The site has had over 78,000 visitors from the United States… world visitors representing 147 countries!

Regarding the states, California has the most visitors -- 5,390, followed by Ohio with 4,190 and Texas with 3,911.

Rick Moses


Two or three dozen new items have been added to the Books and Printed Materials Archives on the website. The Contributions area has been updated, as well as a new Newsletter added. The 4-H History News Service is added to regularly.

Larry Krug


There are many locations which contain significant archival collections of 4-H history - records, artifacts and other historical 4-H memorabilia. They include 4-H history museums and websites, and collections housed at national repositories, state and university libraries and even some local archives. There are 4-H program and event records and photos and the personal papers of some of our 4-H pioneers and leaders.

One of the projects of the National 4-H History Preservation Program is that of developing a database which provides information on where to locate these various repositories. The National 4-H Repositories section on our history website has just been greatly expanded and now currently has over 50 listings… but, we know there are many more "out there." We will be actively soliciting information on these other sites from the states during the months ahead. Visit:

Rick Moses, webmaster


A draft of the segment, "A Century of VIP's Support for 4-H" is now up on the website and an article has been written for the November 4-H News website encouraging readers to view the segment and let us know if there are other VIP's which we have not yet included in this section. While the range of VIP's identified is impressive - everyone from William Howard Taft and Woodrow Wilson to Amelia Earhart, James Cagney, Johnny Carson, Ted Williams and J. C. Penney, the purpose of the segment is not to "boast" about this VIP support, but is an attempt, as a reference, to document some of these connections all in one location.

Larry Krug


Several new repositories have been added to the National 4-H Repository directory. This growing resource lists the locations and information about all types of locations where 4-H records and history are maintained. This includes 4-H museums, 4-H archives housed at state university libraries, personal paper collections from promient 4-H pioneers and leaders, historic markers, statues and memorials and anything else.

Larry Krug, co-chair


Researching and writing is a priority on the following segments of the National 4-H History Section of the 4-H History Preservation website: Astronauts, Space and 4-H; Boys' Corn Clubs and Girls' Canning Clubs; 4-H and 1-Room Country Schools; 3-H/4-H Philosophy; and Songs and Music. It is hoped that drafts of these areas can be added to the website early in 2014.

Larry Krug


News stories involving activities of the various 4-H History Preservation teams continue to be added to the website on a regular basis as they come in. Many of these involve the Voices of 4-H History team activities at the state and local levels.

Rick Moses, webmaster


Several new entries have been made in the Books and Printed Materials Archive of the 4-H Reference Materials area of the website during September.

An effort will be in October to prioritize some of our needs in both the books and the films-A/V Archive which we continue to seek and list them in the "We're Looking For…" segment of the "Ways YOU Can Help" section of the history website.

Larry Krug


A new section on the history website is entitled "Volunteers Needed." Located in the "Ways YOU Can Help" area of the website, the new section lists specific areas where volunteers are needed to assist the National 4-H History Preservation leadership team.

The preservation program has an ongoing need for all types of volunteers - particularly those with specific knowledge about the many aras of national 4-H history which we are researching. Also, to help locate books, printed documents, films, audio/visual aids and historic 4-H artifacts; to do research and scanning of materials at repositories having 4-H related collections, and to work on various 4-H history projects. As these volunteer needs are identified, we will post them in this section of lthe 4-H history preservation website.

Larry Krug


Several additions have been made to the Books and Printed Materials Archives on the 4-H history website and a number of pieces have been prepared for sending out for digitization.

Additionally, several new segments have been added to the National 4-H History section on the website, including U.S. Presidents and 4-H and VIP Involvement with 4-H. Other segments have been updated.

Larry Krug


4-H History Preservation News Service

The 4-H History Preservation News Service has been resurrected and is now live at either of the following addresses:

It is based on WordPress and should automatically publish articles to the 4-H_History twitter account.

The 4-H History website also has a new feature called "News That Can't Wait."

This segment of the website will highlight brifs on the latest news and special projects about National 4-H History. For more in depth features, subscribe to the 4-H History electronic newsletter or review the newsletter on the website.

"News That Can't Wait" can be found on byplacing your curser on Home & News on the left-hand sidebar and the new feature will pop up.

Rick Moses


4-HQR.Info Program

Rick Moses presented a report on the 4-H National History Preservation Program's 4-HQR.Info Program. The 4-H QR series of domains has been reserved to facilitate the implementation of a QR-Code Walking Tour program at 4-H facilities. The goal is to have appropriate QR placards located at strategic places within a facility that can be scanned by visitors to gainmore information regarding the location or artifact.

To implement the system, a databse has been created that contains a reference code, description and target URL. The QR code placards will contain a URL in the format of http://(selected URL)?r=(reference_code)

Reference codes in the service are divided into three classes: Site, Resource and Artifact.

This encoding format allows for the potential of over 3 billion artifacts at over 58,000 4-H related sites around the world.

Rick walked the leadership team through how the system would work and answered questions from the group.

A listing of all the 4-H National History Preservation Program Registered Domains was also shared with the group.

Rick Moses & Larry Krug


Rick Moses and Larry Krug made a report at the August 4-H History leadership team meeting today relating to 4-H website assistance needs.

Outside assistance is long overdue to address the backlog of getting digitized materials on the 4-H History website and preparing other segments for website posting. Outside assistance is needed for reviewing and digitizing materials housed at the National Archives and the National Agricultural Library. Additionally, assistance will be needed in launching the National 4-H Still Photo Gallery. This may include university interns, 4-H Center interns, skilled 4-H members, interested 4-H history friends (local or distan), paid or volunteer, or other options.


1 - PDF editor to break down the digitized printed materials that has already been placed on discs

2 - HTML editor to take history sections that have been research and written by our 4-H history preservation teams and prepare them for placement on the website (including designated photos/captions)

3 - Photographer/scanner for working at both National Archives and the National Agricultural Library.

4 - Assistance with the National 4-H Still Photo Gallery, yet to be determined.


There are several options that may be considered to get these projects operational and completed and we may well want to use multiple options:

1 - Utilize National 4-H Council intern program to hire an intern with necessary qualifications to work full time on this project for several months, either residing at the 4-H Center or elsewhere.

2 - Contact University of Maryland 4-H Office or Hornbeck Library to see if they can provide an intern to work full time or part time for several months. This would be particularly advantageous in the wor that needs to be done at the nearby National Archives and National Agricultural Library. (In both cases a history leadership team member would need to work closely with the intern.)

3 - Contract with University of Maryland Extension, Montgomery County, through Senior 4-H Agent Alganesh Piechocinski for qualified 4-H members… or recently graduated 4-H members, to do some of this work on an hourly basis either on their home computer or at the Extension office.

4 - Check with National 4-H Council IT staff to determine if there may be an opportunity for Council staff to assist the history project with some of these needs.

5 - Seek out interested 4-H history friends (local or distant) who may be interested in assisting, and have the technical expertise, particularly if it could be done on a volunteer ratherb than cost basis.

6 - Consider an independent contractor to do specific, designated projects.

The anticipated results for 12-month period were also presented.

Rick Moses & Larry Krug


During the past month four new segments have been added to the National 4-H History section of the 4-H History Preservation website. These include: Legacy Awards, Rockwell's The County Agent, Danforth Court Boy and Girl Statues and 4-H in Century III.

The webmaster is currently working on getting the segment on the National 4-H Poster Program ready to post on the website.

Three major segments have gone through their first draft stage and are now being reviewed by team members to expand in certain areas and attempt to fill in some of the "holes" still remaining where we have missing information. These segments include: History of 4-H Donor Support, 4-H Report to the Nation Program, and Citizenship Washington Focus and other Citizenship Program Events.

Larry Krug, co-chair


4-H Website/Digitization Report, 5/15/13 History Leadership Team Meeting


Joseph Merritt & Co, Waterbury, CT - printed materials
60 pieces including reports and studies, curriculum literature, programs, sheet music, books.

Revolve, Richmond, VA - audio/visual materials
A shipment of films and tapes is scheduled to be sent to VA during late May or early June.


Buttons. Rick is working on the process of getting button images on the history site that other webmasters can use in showing a visual link to our site from their respective sites. This should be followed up with a campaign promoting use of the button links, particularly on state and county 4-H websites.

Program sections, team reports, additions to printed archives and A/V archives, newsletters have all had additions this past month; Website section on Major National 4-H Links has been updated.

Rick is trying to resurrect the major interest sections of the 4-H Centennial site. Currently when people try to go to they are redirected to Once Rick has resurrected the centennial site,it will appear at Note that the resurrected site will NOT contain links to any other aspect of the 4-H ecosystem as they have most likely disappeared as well.


4-H Citizenship Program Events.
(includes history of Citizenship Washington Focus and other national citizenslhip program events). Working with Maria McNeely, Program Assistants, and Gwen El Sawi.

4-H Program Events.
Sixteen new sections added to website; many of these events are still operational. During May/June will contact current event chairmen to solicit additional information includig contemporary history.

Eighteen history sections are currently being drafted including - 4-H Poster Program; 4-H & 1-Room Country Schools, Urban 4-H Programs, War Time Support/Victory Gardens; 4-H Uniforms; National 4-H Sunday; VIP Support; U.S. Presidents and 4-H; 4-H Report to the Nation Program; Boys Corn Clubs and Girls Canning Clubs; and Astronauts, Space and 4-H.

Larry Krug, Co-Chair


A shipment of printed materials have been sent off to Merritt in Connecticut to be digitized for the history website.

The webmaster is working on designs for buttons and banners for other sites on the web to use in linking to the history website.

The history section on Citizenship Program Events is being drafted. Maria McNeely from Council staff, and Gwen El Sawi, who used to coordinate the citizenship programs, are assisting.

Some of the other program sections which are currently being worked on include the National 4-H Poster Program, Boys Corn Clubs/Girls Canning Clubs, Urban 4-H and 4-H and 1-Room Country Schools.

Larry Krug, Co-Chair


During April a shipment of printed books, reports and pamphlets were sent to Merrtt Co. in Connecticut for digitization.

Additionally, items have been added to the book and print archives an to the film and A/V archives and several segments on the National 4-H History section have been worked on.

Larry Krug, co-chair


Sixteen new segments have been added to the National 4-H History section of the history preservation website. These sections are all dealing with 4-H program events:

- 4-H Events, General
- Earliest National 4-H Event
- Automotive Care and Safety Contest
- National 4-H Commodity Marketing Symposium
- National 4-H Congress - Atlanta
- National 4-H Dairy Conference
- National 4-H Engineering Events
- National 4-H Forestry Invitational
- National 4-H Horse Round-Up
- National Livestock Judging Contest
- National 4-H Meat Judging Contest
- National 4-H Poultry Judging and Egg Contest
- National Shooting Sports invitational
- National Wildlife Habitat Educational Program (WHEP)
- Space Camp
- Western National RoundUp

Larry Krug & Rick Moses, Co-Chairs


At the monthly National 4-H History Preservation leadership meeting held at the National 4-H Center today, Rick Moses and Larry Krug walked the leadership team through the various segments of the 4-H history preservation website with discussions relating to possible changes, assignments and pointing out new features.

Sue and Rick will attempt to finalize the explanation of the 4-H mural. Tweets will remain dormant until the company provides further operational direction. Team likes homepage enhancements made during the past year relating to the search window, site visitors by flag, and most recent active guests.

The posting of the newsletter and form on how to subscribe seems to be working. Tom Tate suggested that some how targeting marketing to states to put a suggestion in their newsletters or communiques to county staff that they consider subscribing (like done in Washington and Minnesota) should be done. Sending suggested copy for the message might prod this idea even further. The segments on Comng Soon and Site News will both continue, but probably don't generate a lot of visitor traffic.

This copy has not changed since the website started. Needs to be reviewed and updated.

A helpful section, particularly for the working teams. Team chairs need to send in update reports of activity when they have something to report… reports do not need to coincide with monthly leadership team meeting. Team chairs need to review list of volunteers to make sure all those working on their teams are listed. This growing list of volunteers should be a valuable resource to Gary for showing how expansive the history preservation program has become. All additions, changes and reports from the teams for the website should be sent to Larry.

It was determined that the three segments: Contributors, Make a Donation and Honor a Colleague should be moved to the bottom of the listing in this segment of the website. Listing of contributors needs updating. The whole leadership team needs to assist in sending Rick nams/obituaries for those listed under Honor a Colleague.

Recently the sections on Why Preserve 4-H History, Using History to Strengthen the Future and Preservation Guidelines were all rewritten and combined into this new section on Preserving 4-H History. Resources suitable for the 4-H-age audience on restoration and preservation projects are sought.

The leadership team reviewed the 100+ sections under this segment of the website and made suggestions on who might take the leadership in getting some of the sections started which remain yet to be done. Larry will provide an updated listing of this segment at the next leadership meeting showing assignments and areas that still remain to be designated. It was determined that sections on "The Head H" and "The Hands H" should be added to the two sections on "The Health H" and "The Heart H." Also, that both the "old" and the "new" Salute To Excellence programs be covered.

The Books and Printed Materials Directory and the Films and Audio/Visual Directory are continually expanding. Most of the materials now listed have been digitized, but not yet added to the site.

This reference segment is an ongoing listing of resources. Team members were urged to let Larry know of additional repositories that have 4-H materials so they can be reviewed and considered for adding to the list.

A new segment on the website, the Voices Team will be sending revisions on this segment as the Voices program unfolds.

This is an ever expanding segment of the website which suggests ways that staff, club leaders, 4-H members, alumni and others at the county, community and club levels can support the documentation, preservation… and, sharing of local 4-H history. Some existing sections need to be written and/or revised by the Hands On 4-H History team.

This segment… and the 4-H Collecting sister website have not been given attention since the beginning of the history team program. The leadership team needs to get back into this area during 2013 and get it moving once again.

This segment has not been checked and updated since the start of the website. Larry will attempt to get this done within the next couple of months.

The initial purpose of this segment of the history website was to list one key state contact person for 4-H history in every state and territory, plus listing relevant 4-H history references, history books and history websites for each state. The responsibility for monitoring and updating this information rests with the Hands On 4-H team since the at team is most closely associated with 4-H history below the national level.

Rick Moses and Larry Krug, co-chairs


Four sections of the 4-H History Preservation Website, two of which were "under construction" - i.e. not yet developed, have all now been completed. These four sections - Why Preserve 4-H History, Why is 4-H History Important, Using History to Strengthen the Future, and Restoration and Preservation - are now all completed and combined into one section under the heading "Preserving 4-H History."

The Restoration and Preservtion section will include a number of links to existing materials relating to restoration and preservation techniques, particularly for 4-H-age youth.

Larry Krug and Rick Moses, co-chairs


During late August and September there has been a significant amount of work done on adding new segments to the National 4-H History section of the site including:

o National 4-H Literature Development
o National 4-H Television Series
o 4-H and Sports
o 4-H Films

Additionally the drafted copy of 15 specialized national 4-H event segments is being prepared for placement on the site over the next several weeks.

Rick Moses and Larry Krug, Co-Chairs


The Website and Digitization Team has had the following activity since our last Leadership Team meeting in July:

1 - Audio/Visual Directory. A lot of work has been accomplished on the Audio/Visual Directory. The number of entries has expanded this past month from 150 to nearly 250. Additionally, an A/V Worksheet has been created in an attempt to locate the major films currently listed in the directory. During the months ahead, attempts will be made to locate copies of these films and determine the best ways to get them digitized.

2 - Activity on the Print Media Directory has also taken place during the past month. A new category of fiction/novels has been added. We only had four fiction pieces listed which were in the books section. They have now been transferred and using the help from Jan Scholl's listing and a couple of other people who have 4-H novel collections, this category will be made more complete in the near future.

3 - Draft copy for the National 4-H History section on NAE4-HA has been sent to Jim Phelps, historian, for further input and location of the 25th anniversary history of the association. Hopefully this should be ready to post on the website within weeks.

4 - Research findings and early drafts for the History section on 4-H Urban Programs have been sent to the Urban 4-H Programs team for their input.

5 - The website section on National 4-H History has been streamlined, reducing 4 categories down to 2 - General 4-H History and 4-H Program Events. This should make it easier for our visitors to locate what they are seeking from the 100 topics listed.

6 - The scroll of the 4-H history banner from Kathleen's Room on the site home page has been changed to an animated puzzle montage as a test. Determining which version we continue with - the puzzle or the scroll - needs to be discussed.

7 - The visitors' count on the website shows visitors from all 50 states during the past year; plus visitors from 93 countries. The U.S. is first with over 12,000 visitors, followed by Canada, Japan, the Philippines and Great Britain.

8 - Numerous upgrades have been made on the history website including: newsletter, Twitter, and History Team update.

9 - All of the 4-H website domains have now been renewed and other hardware/software enhancements continue to be made.

Larry Krug and Rick Moses (co-chairs)


One of the areas being emphasized during the coming two or three months will be the direct contact with various 4-H repositories in the states seeking out 4-H materials we are searching for to digitize. Additionally, the team is developing a subject list of various contemporary programs and services at the national level with the aim of shoring up the documentation of 4-H history during the most recent 20-25 years where we have found very little information in the stored files.

Special projects shared with the leadership team included quantities of the 4-H history team calling cards, calling card magnets and holders and draft samples of artwork for a proposed special 4-H history U.S. postage stamp.

Rick Moses and Larry Krug (co-chairs)


The Website and Digitization Team has had the following activities since our last Leadership Team meeting in April:

1 - Revolve, Richmond, Virginia, has completed the digitization on the first shipment of A/V materials including audio cassettes, audio reel-to-reel, vinyl records, 16mm films and video cassettes in several formats. These items and the hard drive have been returned to us.

2 - A concerted effort is being made to locate additional A/V materials, particularly films and videos, through the states. It is hopeful that the states can provide us with listings of what 4-H A/V materials they may have available in their state archives and then be willing to work with us to get selected ones digitized. These efforts may take several different approaches depending upon the individual state situations.

3 - Work is continuing on the repositories which house 4-H records and historic documents and the papers of 4-H pioneers.

4 - New 4-H history team calling cards with the website information have arrived and are ready to be distributed to team members. Additionally, a quantity of "calling cards" with magnetic backing have also arrived.

5 - Two new 4-H history program teams have been added to our list: Resarch and Writing - National 4-H Uniforms and other 4-H Clothing, and Research and Writing - Urban 4-H Programs. The program database is now completed and operational so that information on any team can be entered and will appear live whenever reports or team member changes have been submitted.

6 - The website has been relocated to a new hosting company with a 12-month contract. If they work out satisfactorily we will extend it to a 2-year contract.

7 - Numerous upgades have been made to the history site and information added in the following areas: Ways You Can Help, 4-H History Preservation Team, Audio-Visual Directory, Books Directory, `Hands-On' 4-H History, National 4-H History, 4-H Newsletter, Twitter.

8 - Draft copy is being reviewed for the following segments of th National 4-H History section: 4-H and Sports, National 4-H Congress - Chicago, National Presidential Winners and National 4-H Recognition and Awards Programs.

9 - A search window has been placed on the top of every page on the history preservation website. The search is powered through Google Custom Search. The present agreement allows for 20,000 searches at a cost of $100.00 per year. Theoretically, by using the Google search system, Google should start picking up more content from the site for inclusion in their master index. This will naturally push the 4-H History Preservation site higher in the search rankings.

Rick Moses and Larry Krug, co-chairs.


A new firm for doing audio-visual digitization was announced - Revolve, in Richmond, Virginia - and that 28 items had been sent to them for digitization (audio tapes, video tapes, vinyl records, films). Also, a new hosting company has been selected for the 4-H websites with a 6-month contract. If they work out satisfactorily we will extend it to a 2-year contract.

Rick Moses ordered new 4-H history team calling cards with the website information including the new leadership team members. The shipment should be delivered by early May.

Specifications for hiring between one and four older 4-H members (or recent 4-H alum) to work on the website are ready to be sent to the Montgomery County (MD) Extension Office which is coordinating this part of the program. Priority projects include: a PDF editor to break down the digitized printed materials that have already been placed on discs; an HTML editor to take history sections that have been research and written by our history team members and prepare them for placement on the site; scanning smaller leaflets, letters and reports too small to send to Merritt, our print digitization company; and beginning the cataloging and digitization of a historic photo archive; and, assisting with transfer of audio/visual films and taps to the A/V archive.

Numerous upgrades have been made to the website including in the donor section, "Hands-On," international, calendar program, newsletter, Twitter, Audio/Visual Archive, Books and Other References, and History team update.

(Larry Krug, Co-Chair)


Changes are being made on the 4-H history preservation website on an almost daily basis by Rick Moses, our webmaster. The largest challenge currently is the huge backlog of materials that have either been digitized or written but do not yet appear on the website due to a time factor. This must be addressed by the team.

The new 4-H Repositories Section compiled by Larry Krug was placed on the website in September 2011 using a database created by Rick Moses. Gathering information on the 4-H contents of these locations… as well as from the states as to what materials they have, and what (if anything) has already been digitized, will help with our digitization program.

What has been digitized to date is a very significant achievement. The books and printed references directory is continually expanding with over 600 entries. The audio-visual directory was first initiated in mid-2011 and already has over 160 entries. We are searching for many of these old films, slide sets, audio and video tapes and beginning the digitization process of those most relevant.

(Rick Moses and Larry Krug, Co-Chairs)

News from the 4-H History Preservation Team













Compiled by National 4-H History Preservation Team.

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