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4-H History Mapping Project

4-H History Mapping Project



Co-Chairman: Tom Tate
Co-Chairman: Jim Kahler

Team Members

Status Reports


4-H History Map - Plan of Work - 2015 DRAFT

January: Develop a DRAFT Time line for 4-H History Map Project. Identify potential team members for time line tasks:

- marketing (New York Team). Lead youth…
- proceeding/approval/editing/loading data (Tennessee Team). Lead youth…
- technical tweaking of data forms to include multi/media links for photo/video content (North Carolina Team). Lead youth…

February: Get team to agree on steps and timeline for 4-H History Map project for remainder of 2015/16. Discuss strategy for expanding the scope of data beyond team states of New York, North Carolina and Tennessee.

March: Finalize testing + polislhing of Year One model so that marketing beyond pilot test states can occur. Incorporating how media such as photo/video links will work…

April/May: Promote the collection of data from county sites beyond team states (NY, TN, NC).

June: Polish data points collected from county 4-H Clubs who have submitted data.

July: Demonstrate 4-H History Map at ESRI San Diego.

August: Follow Up/Modify 4-jH History Map based on Feedback recived from guest/users at ESRI Exhibit in San Diego.

September: Oregon Trail Counties Data - polished and loaded for readiness for October demonstrations.

These are some of the ideas for the team to considr and finalize early during the year.

Tom Tate

News from the 4-H History Preservation Team













Compiled by National 4-H History Preservation Team.

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