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Hands - On 4-H History (at the local level)

Hands - On 4-H History (at the local level)


This team was originally initiated to develop a planned seminar at the 2011 NAE4-HA annual conference on "When in Doubt, Don't Throw It Out," including support materials; following by the development of a full utilization plan for the seminar materials for the 4-H history website and other potential uses. This concept expanded into the creation of a whole new section on the 4-H History website - "Hands-On" 4-H History - including the development of a variety of segments dealing with 4-H history action at the local level, e.g. starting a local 4-H history club, starting a local 4-H history museum, writing a local 4-H history, 4-H history displays, creating a 4-H heritage quilt, conducting oral audio and visual history interviews, 4-H history reenactments… This team is also responsible for state liaison contacts, including updates on the State and Local section of the history preservation website.

Co-Chairman: Tom Tate
Co-Chairman: Jim Kahler

Team Members

Linda Horn
Karla Knoepfli
Betsy Knox
Margarite Miltenberg
Jim Phelps
Bill Svendsgaard

Status Reports


A new segment was added to the Hands-On 4-H History section of the website - Consider a 4-H History Bowl, using the Tennessee state event as an example that could be done in other states at the state, county or even club levels.

Larry Krug


A new segment was added to the Hands-On 4-H History section of the history website - Create a 4-H Photo Wall of Memories. This is a totally participatory project. Simply creat signs for every dcade: 2000-2009; 1990-1999; 1980-1989; perhaps going clear back to the 1920s.

This is a great 4-H history activity for the county fair, county achievement night… or, even for display in the county Extension Office. Ask 4-H members, 4-H clubs, alumni, to bring snapshots… photos of themselves with one of their 4-H projects from the time they were in 4-H. If you are a member of a 4-H multi-generational family, you may have photos of your parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, who were in 4-H as well.

4-H photo walls can also be geared to special events. A photo wall of 4-H camp through the years, or the 4-H fair, or just your local 4-H club through the years, all have possibilities.

Larry Krug


During September and October several sections were revised on th Hands-On 4-H History segment of the 4-H History Preservation website, plus three new sections added.

New sections relate to: Promote a 4-H History Dance Night, Offer a Public Speaking Contest on 4-H History and Consider a 4-H History Fashion Show.

Revisions were made in the following sections: Unique… and Historical 4-H Crafts; 4-H History Displays at the Fair, the Library; Planning and Creating a 4-H Heritage Quilt; Creating a County 4-H "Blue Ribbon" History Cookbook; and, When in Doubt, Don't Throw It Out.

The Hands-On 4-H History section of the National 4-H History Preservation program's website continues to be a "work in progress" as the Hands-On 4-H History development team adds new sections, or expands upon the existing ones. Anyone with ideas to contribute to any of these sections can do so by contacting the team at:

Larry Krug


This summer the Hands On team has focused on preparing sections that will support the new initiative to be known as the "Voices of 4-H History" (oral history interviews). Research on efforts recently carried out discovered related efforts in Michigan, Missouri and Montana.
We have relied heavily on guidance from the work of these three states.

We have developed several sections that are now ready for loading to the Hands On section of the website. We think that some of these guides should be link-able as hot text from current phrases in the Oral History of the website.

Plans call for a testing of a training session late this Summer with one of the pilot test states. These sctions will be shared during the July meting of the History Preservation Team.

Tom Tate (chair)


Twenty-four topics have been identified and posted to the 4-H History website in the "Hands-On" 4-H History section. Fifteen of the topics were added with content ready for review and revision/expansion. Nine of the topics are in need of substantial discovery or development of content to become useful for potential users.

Outreach for the new "Hands-On" section of the web page will be marketed to the potential user community in the April issue of the 4-H History Preservation newsletter.

Oklahoma has provided material for potential input to the "Hands-On" section and North Carolina provided a link to their 4-H history video. (This video has already been added to the 4-H History Preservation website in the A/V Archives under Digital Video.)

"Forming a 4-H History Club" is being proposed as a newsletter item for the coming month. Substantial efforts have been made during March and April to test national interest in advancing a 4-H Oral History project at the local level in cooperation with the team working on the Centennial of the Smith-Lever Act.

(Tom Tate, Co-Chair)


Several sections for "Hands-On" have been written and materials are being gathered from the state, county and local levels to help document the various segments of this section. This is a new section this month and should generate a good deal of interest from the local 4-H community - extension youth agents, 4-H volunteer leaders, 4-H members, parents, alumni and others.

Much of the supportive materials from the "When in Doubt, Don't Throw It Out" seminar at NAE4-HA will be in this section of the website. This seminar was conducted by Tom Tate, Jim Kahler and Bill Svendsgaard with preparation assistance by Dave Benedetti.

(Tom Tate, Chair)

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Compiled by National 4-H History Preservation Team.

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