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National Repositories for 4-H History Team

National Repositories for 4-H History Team


There are many locations which contain significant archival collections of 4-H history - records, artifacts and other historical 4-H memorabilia. They include 4-H history museums and websites, and other collections housed at national repositories, state and universit libraries and even some local archives. This team attempts to locate as many of these repositories as possible to place in the National Repositories for 4-H History database on the National 4-H History Preservation website. Additionally, an effort is being made to contact and work with these repositories to determine exactly what content they may hold regarding 4-H.

Chairman: Larry L Krug

Team Members

Status Reports


Four additional state university library repositories with 4-H records have been added to our database this week. Additionally, as new repositories are added, efforts are being made to document the general content of the holdings.

Larry Krug


During the past four months, the number of identified 4-H history repositories has doubled, now totalling 50 locations that include 4-H records; printed and A/V materials on 4-H programs, services and events; 4-H museums and monuments; personal papers from 4-H leaders and pioneers and other holdings.

Larry Krug


Giving some additional priority to this growing area of 4-H history - locating the various 4-H archives across the country… and determining exactly what they contain - has initiated the need to separate this function out from the website history team into a team of its own. Larry Krug, as coordinator of the 4-H history preservation program teams' structure will function as chairperson. Additional team members will be added as we identify volunteers with an interest in this area.

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Compiled by National 4-H History Preservation Team.

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