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National 4-H History Digitization - Books and Other Printed References Archives

National 4-H History Digitization - Books and Other Printed References Archives


While a number of the 4-H-related books, manuals, annual reports, magazines and other printed documentation are secured in various repositories, the primary mission of this team is to make much of this material more easily accessible to the general public through a major digitization program, bringing 4-H history into the 21st Century through placing these materials in the Books and Other Printed References Archives on the 4-H history preservation website.

Chairman: Larry L Krug

Team Members

Status Reports


A shipment of printed materials has been shipped off to Joseph Merritt & Company in Waterbury, Connecticut today for digitization. The shipment included 137 items including National 4-H Supply Catalogs, various magazines and event programs, program guides, member record books and other miscellaneous printed items.

Larry Krug


It was determined that expanding the search for locating books and other printed documents and attempting to get them digitized would be one of the major focuses in 2014 for the history website. Therefore this area was broken off into a separate program team to address this area. Larry Krug will give leadership to this team, at least in getting it moving.

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Compiled by National 4-H History Preservation Team.

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