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National 4-H Still Photo Gallery

National 4-H Still Photo Gallery


To create a National 4-H Still Photo Gallery on the 4-H History Preservation website. Develop a framework for determining subject content and quality of photos to be considered for inclusion and the preferred process.


Team Members

Sue Benedetti
Jim Kahler
Larry L Krug
Rick Moses

Status Reports


At a Saturday workday at the National 4-H Center some members of the leadership team began selecting photos and scanning them for the first entries into the Still Photo Gallery. Those working on this particular project included Rick Moses, Jim Kahler, Tom Tate, Dave Benedetti and Larry Krug.


The initial plans for the National 4-H Still Photo Gallery were explained to the leadership team of the National 4-H History Preservation Program at the February4, 2014 meeting. Comments and suggestions were discussed and this team will move ahead on further refining and expanding the plans for eventually launching the gallery at some point this summer.

Larry Krug


Rick Moses and Larry Krug are continuing to work on the software and structure for building a National 4-H Still Photo Gallery. This includes determining the specifications for accepting photos for the gallery, i.e. quality, identifiable captions, date, location, etc.

A meeting of the National 4-H Still Photo Gallery development team has been requested as an agenda item for the January 4-H history leadership team meeting on January 22nd.

Larry Krug


During the month of December team members Rick Moses and Larry Krug have been drafting structure for the national gallery. Rick is using an existing software program, adapting it to our needs. Larry has drafted the beginning of various sections for the gallery under the headings: 4-H History, National 4-H Events, National 4-H Programs, National 4-H Services and National Portrait Gallery. Additionally there will be an area providing links to 4-H history photo galleries at the state level. Much more on quality, content and structure needs to be decided before the Gallery can "go live."


The categories for the National 4-H Still Photo Gallery have been drafted. They relate to eight major groupings: 4-H History; National 4-H Evets; National 4-H Programs; National 4-H Services; National Portrait Gallery;and State 4-H History Photo Galleries. This last category would be composed of links to 4-H history photo galleries at the state level.

Larry Krug


Rick Moses began adapting our current existing photo software for adaptabilty and use for the National 4-H Still Photo Gallery.

Larry Krug


Larry Krug began drafting categories and/or subject sections that might be the framework for an National 4-H Still Photo Gallery.

Larry Krug


At the August 21, 2013 National 4-H History Preservation leadership meeting it was determined that a group of four - Rick Moses, Jim Kahler, Larry Krug and Sue Benedetti - would draft the framework for the Still Photo Gallery. This would include the criteria for selection of photos to be entered into the gallery, subject content listing, presentation of the gallery itself and other aspects to be determined.

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Compiled by National 4-H History Preservation Team.

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