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4-H History Preservation Team - 1980's Forward

4-H History Preservation Team - 1980's Forward


This is an advisory team charged with assisting those doing research or requesting information on all aspects of 4-H at the national level from the decade of the 1980's to the present for which there is no official 4-H history book. This team will also work with the national staffs of 4-H, NIFA, USDA and with National 4-H Council to improve the documentation and safe storage of relevant national 4-H history in the digital age.

Co-Chairman: Kendra Wells
Co-Chairman: Jim Kahler
Co-Chairman: Ron Drum

Team Members

Status Reports


At the January 2013 meeting of the National 4-H History Preservation Leadership Tam it was decided there should be a new program team responsible for assisting those seeking historic information from the 1980s to the present… from where the Wessel history book leaves off. Additionally, there was concern that with the digital age, much of the relevant material in this format may not be kept for historic purposes and may be destroyed, leaving no copy for posterity. Sue Benedetti named Jim Kahler and Kendra Wells as co-chairs of this new team committee.

News from the 4-H History Preservation Team












Compiled by National 4-H History Preservation Team.

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