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Research and Writing - National 4-H Uniforms and other 4-H Clothing

Research and Writing - National 4-H Uniforms and other 4-H Clothing


Research, document and write the segment of the National 4-H History Section of the 4-H History website relating to the history of national 4-H uniforms and other 4-H clothing. Also research and refine the "hands-on" activity dealing with conducting local programs showing the 4-H uniforms through history. Sue Benedetti and Eleanor L. Wilson will also take the leadership in writing the history segment on the National 4-H Dress Revue with support from the rest of the team and others.

Co-Chairman: Jan A Scholl
Co-Chairman: Sue Benedetti
Co-Chairman: Eleanor L. Wilson

Team Members

Eleanor Echo Berry
Madeline Greene
Kendra Wells

Status Reports


National 4-H Univorm Team - Goals
- Prepare a history of the National 4-H Uniforms for the history website.

- Begin with a 1-2 page "place marker" (ready by National 4-H Week?) to indicate that we're working on it and to stimulate contributions from people around the country to share information and materials. Use Fern Kelley 1966 letter as start? Include early letter from Gertrude Warren? Photos? - Jan will start it.

- Produce one or more "how to" activities on 4-H Univorms that can be done at the local, county or state level to be available on the Hands On 4-H Section of the website for use during 2014 or before.

Resources Available (currently known)

1. Poster developed by Jan that illustrates most, if not all 4-H, uniforms that have been used - Jan

2. Information related to the thesis written about the 4-H uniform in Texas - Jan

3. List of Patterns from Rhode Island - Jan

4. Photos from National 4-H Camp and Conference good sources of dating the uniform and also a way that people can see how prevalent the uniform actually was - Jan from Penn State; Sue and Jim from National Archives USDA files.

5. National Camp/Conference slide set shows most, if not all nationally recognized uniforms for both girls and boys - produced by Jim

6. Elsie Carper's file contains photos, correspondence, publications, documented designs, discussions, recommendations to ECOP and policies - Sue has a compiled chronological list

7. Leaflet developed by Sue for use in 1976 (part available) - Sue

8. List of articles from National 4-H News on the uniforms from Larry. Photo copy pages - Jan and Larry

9. Eleanor Echo Berry and Madeleine Greene were Simplicity 4-H Stylists involved in Uniform style and fabric development for later uniforms and Report to Nation uniforms - Eleanor B & Madeleine

10. Eleanor Berry may have some patterns and Simplicity reports on the development process - Eleanor B.

11. 4-H uniform materials patterns may be availabe on eBay - Jim & others

12. Anita Hollimer Hodson, 4-H'er who opened 4-H Center with Eisenhower in 1959 still has her uniform - and maybe her gloves - Sue

13. Some states have purchased and used Uniform Poster - Jan what can we learn from them? How can we involve them?

14. Girl Scout uniform paper dolls were published by the University of Texas Press; could use as a model - Jan

15. 4-H teens have great ideas for interactive ways we might show the information online - Eleanor W.

16. Iowa was developing 4-H Uniform materials - Jan? Sue check with Iowa Archivist about Bicentennial Action Group activities.

17. Connecticut reproduced uniforms in 1976 - Sue has photos, who has contacts?

18. 4-H'ers would get into doing Historical Dress Revue - Kendra

19. McCalls did a 4-H Doll Pattern in ??date.

20. Canada also had a 4-H Uniform (What about other countries?)

21. Camp Vail had uniforms (what years?) that were different than the national ones.

22. Photo of Eleanor Berry at White House in 1970 4-H uniform made in Silk Shantung - Eleanor B.

Possible Activities:

1. Develop life size cardboard cutouts with paper uniforms - Eleanor W.

2. Historical Dress Revue "how to" - Kendra

3. Historical Dress Revue for 2013 NAE4-HA - All

4. Photo History Dress Revue PPT (include photos from major national events) - Sue

5. Paper Doll book - Jan

6. "I was a 4-H'er in 19__" book (showing major national uniforms) - Jan

7. Design capes or dresses without side seams to fit variety of sizes.

8. Develop scrapbooking or window decals of all historic uniforms - Sue

9. Produce an exhibit of 4-H Univorms that can be displayed at 4-H Center and other events - Eleanor W.

10. Develop a travelling exhibit including Jan's poster and _____. -

11. Gather stories (and possibly photos) about care of uniforms at various Conferences - All

12. Find out what other states have done things to document and use history of 4-H uniforms.

13. Tell the story of the private sector involvement in creating 4-H uniforms - Eleanor B & Madeleine.

14. Get an intern, or volunteer to photocopy "4-H News" references on Uniforms - Sue

15. Eleanor W., Sue B. & Kendra get together with Eleanor B & Madeleine to brainstorm resources and activities - Eleanor W.

Jan Scholl & Sue Benedetti, co-chairs


Co-chairs Jan Scholl and Sue Benedetti met at the National 4-H Center in early June and reviewed materials in storage at the Center relating to the history of 4-H uniforms. Writing will begin on this section very shortly. In addition to showing pictures and patterns for historic 4-H uniforms, it is hoped to develop an outline for use at the local level on how to create and present a historical dress revue (presentation) of 4-H uniforms through the ages.

Madeline Greene and Eleanor Echo Berry, both retired from Simplicity Pattern Co., Inc., are assisting with lthis section as members of the team.

It is hoped that Jan Scholl's excellent uniform poster can be placed on the 4-H history website in this section however work needs to be done to the presentation. Jan would like to have the poster scroll similar to the 4-H history montage on the home page, however due to the current dimensions of the poster, this procedure will not work as a scroll.

Sue Benedetti, co-chair


The Program Team on Research and Writing - National 4-H Uniforms and other 4-H Clothing has been busy on researching the early history of 4-H uniforms and finding images of the various uniforms and patterns. Jan Scholl and Sue Benedetti are co-chairs of this team. Other members at present include Eleanor L. Wilson, Kendra Wells, Eleanor Echo Berry and Madeline Greene.

In addition to the uniforms, other pieces of clothing offered as accompaniments or accessories are also being identified. Writing the history on the uniforms for this segment of the history website will start this summer.

Sue Benedetti, co-chair

News from the 4-H History Preservation Team













Compiled by National 4-H History Preservation Team.

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