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National 4-H History Preservation Leadership Team

National 4-H History Preservation Leadership Team


To give leadership to the National 4-H History Preservation Program

Chairman: F. Sue Benedetti

Team Members

David E. Benedetti
Ron Drum
Jim Kahler
Larry L Krug
Rick Moses
Chad Proudfoot
Tom Tate
Melvin J Thompson
Kendra Wells
Eleanor L Wilson

Status Reports


Guy Noble Breakfront Inventory, Masachusetts Lobby.

Items housed in the Guy Noble Breakfront have now been completely reviewed and inventoried. The 200+ books and other resources provide a wealth of information, most of them relating to 4-H and/or Extension history at the national or state levels.

Staff are encouraged to use this resource, borrowing books for reading pleasure or research on a loan basis. Forms are being developed that will indicate when a book has been removed from the Noble Breakfront, by whom, and when it is anticipated that they will have it returned.

Larry L. Krug


4-H History Preservation Leadership Team Plan of Work

At the January 2013 monthly meeting the team members nearly completed the 2013 Plan of Work for all major projects. This included the current status, discussions on what is yet needed, people and financial resources for each area and a timetable. Major objectives include:

Completion of inventory of historical records and archival materials housed at the National 4-H Center.

Continue to designate persons responsible for the 170+ segments of the history website.

Address backlog of digitized materials planned for the website.

Continue printed and A/V digitization program.

Continue search for national materials that are still "missing" so that they can be digitized.

Begin Still Photo Archive

Complete search fo artwork for calendar and poster programs and begin preservation program for selected art pieces. Determine permanent locations for displaying or storing these items.

Consider new exhibit area for International artifacts.

Continue leadership and coordination of "Hands On 4-H History" and "Voices fo 4-H History" programs working with state and local levels; partner with FilmFest 4-H on 4-H history segment of the festival.

Launch new corporate/foundation and individual giving programs for funding.

Enhance staff and leadership partnering relating to 4-H history preservation with National 4-H Council and 4-H, NIFA, USDA.

News from the 4-H History Preservation Team













Compiled by National 4-H History Preservation Team.

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