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Research and Writing - History of National 4-H Foundation and National 4-H Council

Research and Writing - History of National 4-H Foundation and National 4-H Council


Document the history of both the National 4-H Club Foundation and the National 4-H Council. The history of the National 4-H Service Committee has already been completed and is live in the National 4-H History section of the website. It can be reached directly at: Committee/

While many of the programs and services of both the Foundation and of Council are covered in other sections, i.e. International, Awards Programs, 4-H Conference, Promotion, Supply Service, Fund Raising… these two sections will include the general history of the Foundation and of Council, as the separate section on the history of the National 4-H Center.


Team Members

John A. Allen
David E. Benedetti
Gary Deverman
Thedore Hutchcroft
Norman E. Johnson
Paul Koehlar
Larry L Krug
Mary Kay Merwin
Rick Moses
Francis Pressly
Grant A. Shrum
Melvin J Thompson

Status Reports


This team is responsible for three separate sections… one on the National 4-H Club Foundation, one on the National 4-H Council, and one on the history of the National 4-H Center. This includes the history of the beginnings of each, the programs and services offered and their accomplishments over the years, the leadership and staff of each and all other aspects relating to these subjects.

Although different from the Service Committee, that history can serve as a good guide for addressing these sections. Also, like the Service Committee, other sections relating directly to the services and programs of these areas are being researched and written by other teams. Some of these areas include: citizenship and leadership training, international, awards programs, National 4-H News, Supply Service, 4-H Promotion, Fund Raising and some of the contemporary 4-H history programs like youth science day, after school programs and military family programs.

This team is not yet organized.

News from the 4-H History Preservation Team













Compiled by National 4-H History Preservation Team.

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