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Research and Writing - Citizenship and Leadership

Research and Writing - Citizenship and Leadership


Document the evolution and impact of 4-H leadership and citizenship programs, particularly at the national level. This should include the regional leader forums, subject matter leader forums and Salute to Excellence, along with the teen leader programs, staff development and training programs and others.

Chairman: Larry L Krug

Team Members

John A. Allen
Ron Drum
Jim Kahler
Dwight Palmer
Gwen El Sawi

Status Reports


The segment on Citizenship Washington Focus (CWF) and other National Citizenship programs has now been added to the history website. The history continues to have a number of "holes" in it and it is hopeful that these will get filled in gradually as the information comes to our attention.

Larry Krug


During August a draft copy of the history of Citizenship Washingon Focus (CWF) and other National Citizenship programs conducted at the National a4-H Center was distributed to members of the National 4-H History Preservation leadership team for their review and comments. We had an opportunity to discuss this at our monthly meeting on August 27.

Jim Kahler brought along a huge bag of programs and other materials relating to the citizenship programs for my review. Ron Drum also brought a few items and made some helpful comments, and Gwen El Sawi sent additional information. This is all very helpful.

It was determined that once the above materials are reviewed and incorporated into the document that it should then be placed live on the history website, even if "holes" still remain, but with the notification that anyone with additional information to please contact us.

There is a good deal of documentation to go through so it may take three or four months before this important history can be added to the website.

Larry Krug


The draft of the 4-H history segment on Citizenship Washington Focus and other national citizenship training programs at the National 4-H Center, and the history of program assistants (PA's) was distributed to selected people in July. There are still many holes in the draft document that need to be addressed. Hopefully those more closely involved with this program can pick it up and fill the gaps. It will be posted on the 4-H history preservation website when it is determined to be in appropriate form.

Larry Krug


On April 25, 2013 Larry Krug and Maria McNeelly met to discuss the research and writing of the history of all of lthe National Citizenship program events. Emphasis was placed particularly on the PA's working on documenting the last 15-20 years of this area of history.

Larry loaned Maria two large notebooks containing the newsletters issued by the National 4-H Club Foundation and newsletters issued by the National 4-H Council between 1977 and 1994 with the hopes that a program assistant can go through these newsletters pulling out any relevant information pertaining to the citizenship program events.

Also, on April 29, Larry contacted by eMail Gwen El Sawi, former Council employee responsible for citizenship programs, asking for her assistance with this endeavor. The draft paper Larry had produced for Maria was shared with Gwen.

Larry Krug, Chair


At the April National 4-H History Preservation leadership team meeting, Maria McNeelly agreed to meet with Larry Krug on April 25 at 10am to discuss how this year's program assistants could help with the research and writing of the history on Citizenship Washington Focus and other National Citizenship Program Events.

In preparation for this meeting, Larry documented a draft of the history on some of the programs to avoid confusion since some programs only lasted for a couple of years, some went for decades, some were merged into others and so on.

Some of the programs included in this paper included Citizenship Washington Focus; Washington Focus; Wonders of Washington; Citizenship Short Course for High School Students; Citizenship Short Course for Older Youth; Economics, Jobs and Careers Seminars; American Heritage Expedition; 4-H Laboratory in Citizenship Education; Know America; Washington Experience Families' Program; Washington Holiday With the Arts; Citizenship-World Focus; plus, a listing of possible areas for expansion relating to all of the above.

Larry Krug, Chair


This team is not yet organized.

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Compiled by National 4-H History Preservation Team.

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