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Research and Writing - National Donors/Fund Raising

Research and Writing - National Donors/Fund Raising


Writing and documenting the history of 4-H fund raising at the national level at National 4-H Council and its two predecessor organizations relating to corporate, foundation and individual gifts; the various fund raising campaigns and programs, a history of all named funds... and, including a history of the national 4-H donors' conferences.

Chairman: Larry Krug

Team Members

John A. Allen
Gary Deverman
Donald Floyd
Betsy Johnson
Mary Kay Merwin
Dick Sauer
Grant A. Shrum
Grant A. Shrum

Status Reports


The large segment on the National Donors and Fund Raising History of National 4-H Council and its two predecessor organizations (National 4-H Club Foundation and National 4-H Service Committee (formerly National Committee on Boys and Girls Club Work) is now live on the 4-H history website. It is not complete… probably will never be totally complete, but additional information will be added as it is made available. Regardless of this fact, it still is probably the most complete record of national 4-H private sector support in one location that exists.

Larry Krug


Earlier in August the draft copy for the history of National Donors/Fund Raising was shared with the entire National 4-H History Preservation leadership team for comments and input. At our monthly leadership meeting on Aug. 27, we had an opportunity to discuss this. It was agreed that we should attempt to "fill the holes" in the history the best we can then place it up on the website live but with the notation that anyone with additional information to please contact us.

Additionally, at a 3-day tutorial on 4-H history for key new staff of Council held earlier in August, Christina Alford, Executive Vice President, External Relations, offered to have appropriate staff review the draft for suggested input. It is our hope to be able to have this important segment of the national history up on the website by October 1.

Larry Krug


The first draft of the 4-H history segment on National Donors and Fund Raising has now been completed. There are still holes and gaps, however it has been sent out to several reviewers for critique and hopefully to provide some of the missing information.

Some of those which have received the draft for review include: Grant Shrum, Dick Sauer, Don Floyd, Gary Deverman, John Allen, Mary Kaye Merwin and Betsy Johnson.

It is hopeful that this segment can be placed on the history website by some time this fall.

Larry Krug


During the past sixty days most of the available resources regarding national donors and fund raising for National 4-H Council and its two predecessor organzations has been reviewed and woven into the story about private support for 4-H at the national level. While there are still some "holes" that need to be filled (the draft is already over 60 pages in length), it is now at the stage where it can be shared with a number of reviewers who can hopefully contribute to the areas that need expanding upon. This will be done during June and July.

Larry Krug


A lot of research and writing has taken place over the past two weeks on this segment of history as referenced in the April 14 report. Currently I am working on the gifts to the National 4-H Center which has become quite a challenge. Some are fairly well documented but we are not quite sure where they are now located. And, then there is the sheer volume of the gifts received over the decades. I'm sure we may miss a few, but the beauty of the Internet… they can be added or changed at any given time.

My hope is to have this segment in draft stage ready to share with several key reviewersby the end of May.

Larry Krug


Research has again started on the following fund raising areas: 4-H Center gifts, individual endowed funds and special trusts, The Campaign for 4-H, National 4-H Heritage Club, National 4-H Council donors, 4-H Foundation's Builders Council, Share and Care Project, and Gold Clover Club.

Once existing research has been merged into the above areas, the complete draft of this segment of the 4-H history will be shared with key individuals for further input and critique.

Larry Krug


Much of the materials gathered in January on funding and donor support has been carefully gone through and categorized into several "stacks." The research and writing from this material will begin later this spring.

Larry Krug


A large number of references and documentation has been gathered relating to national donors of the National 4-H Foundation, National 4-H Service Committee and National 4-H Council, materials on named gifts, individual named funds and trusts, the Banking Program and other items. It is planned to beginning the major writing for this area in late Spring or early Summer 2014.

Larry Krug


A framework has been developed to begin the research and writing for the section on National 4-H Donor Support for the National 4-H History Preservation website. This was put together by Larry Krug and reviewed on May 23 with Gary Deverman, chairman of the 4-H History Fund Raising team.

For nearly a century National 4-H Council and its two predecessor organizations - National 4-H Club Foundation and National 4-H Service Committee (earlier called the National Committee on Boys and Girls Club Work) - has secured funding for the support of the 4-H programs across America and around the world.

This section on the history website will attempt to document the most relevant areas of this support from an historical perspective:

- In the Beginning
- National 4-H Awards Donors
- National 4-H Donors Conference
- The Rose of Donor Reps
- Fundraising Training & Creation of State 4-H Foundations
- National 4-H Banking Program
- National 4-H News Advertisers
- 4-H Donors for International Programs
- National 4-H Center Named Gifts
- Individual Named Funds and Trusts
- The Campaign for 4-H
- National 4-H Heritage Club
- 4-H Legacy Awards
- Major National 4-H Council Donors & Their Main Areas of Support
- Annual Reports

Larry Krug will give leadership to the research and writing of this section with the assistnce of other members of the Research and Writing - National Donors/Fund Raising team, plus even a wider circle to review and comment on the drafts for the section.

Larry Krug, chair


Research has just been started on this large section, as well as the writing.

(Gary Deverman, Chair)

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Compiled by National 4-H History Preservation Team.

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