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4-H Collecting Club

4-H Collecting Club


The 4-H Collecting Club promotes education, research and preservation regarding the history of 4-H through the collecting and trading of 4-H and 4-H related memorabilia. The primary purpose of the team is to support and enhance the website, its various components, and to promote the entire area of 4-H collecting. Displays of 4-H memorabilia are often sought for use with exhibits and presentations by the 4-H History Preservation Leadership team.

Co-Chairman: Larry L Krug
Co-Chairman: Rick Moses

Team Members

Status Reports


After a lengthy period of dormancy, the 4-H Collecting Club segment of the National 4-H History Preservation program is again being rejuvinated. The Collecting Club will have its own direct link on the menu bar on the 4-H history homepage.Through the history newsletter and history news service the 4-H Collecting Club will be promoted. The Collections on Display segment is being drafted with three or four examples and will be up on the site soon. Volunteers will be sought to help with the 4-H Collecting Club areas.

Larry Krug


The Collecting Club website - - has been updated with new information in several sections. In addition, a new section is being developed which will show individual's personal collections. This should be on the site before the end of the year.

Larry Krug


The 4-H Collecting Club team will have an exhibit at the Heritage Club luncheon on Oct. 11 displaying various types of collectibles and explaining the enjoyment of having a 4-H collection in an area of interest.

Larry Krug


The website is operating with several live sections and plans for others. This team has not yet officially organized. The URL is:

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Compiled by National 4-H History Preservation Team.

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