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As the National 4-H History Preservation team continues on the quest to research, document and preserve relevant 4-H history... particularly from the national level, we often find that there are known articles that don't appear in our archives or repositories. One of our missions is to make this history accessible to the general public through our 4-H history preservation website.

These "missing" books, manuals or artifacts will be listed in this section with the hopes that someone may wish to either loan the item to us for digitization, or give us the item which will be digitized and then placed in one of the national repositories.

If you know the location of any of the following items, please let us know by writing:

Thank you.

National 4-H History Preservation team

Mu Beta Beta 4-H Fraternity

Any information

Posted: 16-Apr-2011

Mu Beta Beta - Any information on the national 4-H fraternity known as "Mu Beta Beta," the name being taken from the club motto, "Make the Best Better." Believed to have been started in colleges in the northwestern states, particularly Washington and Idaho, the purpose of the collegiate fraternity was "to promote and further club work among farm boys and girls, to promote fellowship among fraternity members and to interest club members in higher education." Mention of this national fraternity comes from a 1924 issue of National Boys' and Girls' Club News.

National 4-H Television Series

Films, Tapes, Support and Promotional Materials

Posted: 16-Apr-2011

We are particularly interested in materials and information relating to early 4-H television series including TV Action Club, 4-H TV Science Series I and II, Bicycle Series and Dog Sense. Also, the actual films or tapes of 4-H TV series for all series.

Urban 4-H Programs

All materials

Posted: 16-Apr-2011

Looking for documentation on early efforts relating to 4-H work in urban areas, including stories, project materials, promotional efforts, photos, reports - anything which will help us document and enhance this important area of 4-H history.

4-H Heritage Quilts

Photos and History

Posted: 20-Mar-2011

We are interested in learning about existing 4-H heritage quilts that have been produced for a specific purpose - Quilts which depict the 4-H history of a club, a community or a county, or a multi-generational 4-H family. We would like to see a photo of the quilt and hear your story about it.

National 4-H Calendar Program

4-H Calendars

Posted: 07-Feb-2011

Any actual 4-H calendars representing the National 4-H Calendar Program from the early 1990s on back to 1939. We need calendars representing all of the participating calendar companies - Shaw-Barton, Brown & Bigelow, Thos. D. Murphy Co., Gerlach-Barklow, Gettier-Montanye, and possibly others.

National 4-H Congress Programs

Official Programs and Souvenir Booklets

Posted: 07-Feb-2011

The printed Official Programs and Souvenir Booklets (2 companion items) from National 4-H Congress in Chicago from 1994 and earlier.

We have representative copies of both items for the years 1966, 1967 and 1968. All other years are needed.

National 4-H Leadership Awards

Moses Leadership Trophies

Posted: 07-Feb-2011

There were two traveling trophies, one given each year to the top boy in Leadership and to the top girl in Leadership at National 4-H Congress in the name of Horace Moses.

Each individual was allowed to keep the trophy for one year. This award was discontinued in 1950. The whereabouts of the two trophies is unknown.

Compiled by National 4-H History Preservation Team.

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