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National 4-H Poster Themes 1924-2014

Usually referred to as either National 4-H Poster Themes or National 4-H Week Themes, the following listing includes these national 4-H themes for several decades. The first theme on record that has been found is for the year 1924.

1924We are for Boys and Girls Club Work
1925We are for Boys and Girls Club Work
1926(theme unknown)
1927We=re for More Club Work
1928We're for the 4-H Clubs
19294-H - 715,000 Members in 1929
1930To Make the Best Better - 850,000 Members in 1930
1931Opportunities of a 4-H Club Member
1932Opportunities of a 4-H Club Member
1933-1943 (National 4-H Poster Program discontinued, due in part to the Great Depression and then the second World War; no themes were designated.)
1944Enlist Now - 4-H Clubs Need You to Carry Out Their Victory Program in 1944
1945Enlist Now - 4-H Clubs Need You to Carry Out Their Victory Program in 1945
19464-H Clubs Need You in 1946
1947Be an Active 4-H Member - Learn to Live in a Changing World
1948Better Homes... More Responsible Citizenship--
1949Better Living for a Better World--Be an Active 4-H Member
1950Better Living for a Better World
1951Working Together for World Understanding
1952Serving as Loyal Citizens Through 4-H
1953Working Together for World Understanding
1954Working Together for World Understanding
1955Make the Best Better
1956Improving Family and Community Living
1957Improving Family and Community Living
19584-H Salute to Parents
1959Improving Family and Community Living
1960Learn, Live, Serve Through 4-H
1961Learn, Live, Serve Through 4-H
1962Learn, Live, Serve Through 4-H
1963Learn, Live, Serve Through 4-H
19644-H... Learning for Living, Join 4-H
1965Learning for Living, Join 4-H
19664-H, Learning for Living
1967A World of Opportunity - Join 4-H
1968Learning To Serve - Join 4-H
1969Opportunities for All - Join 4-H
19704-H is for US
19714-H Bridges the Gap
1972A New Day A New Way
19734-H Gets It All Together
19744-H We Can Make It Happen
19754-H '76... Spirit of Tomorrow
19764-H Room to Grow
19774-H Freedom to Be
19784-H Freedom to Be
19794-H Expanding Horizons
19804-H Expanding Horizons
19814-H Pathways to the Future
19824-H Pathways to the Future
19834-H Building on Experience
19844-H Building on Experience
19854-H for Youth for America
19864-H for Youth for America
19874-H for Youth for America
19884-H for Youth for America
19894-H for Youth for America
19904-H for Youth for America
19914-H... The Difference We Make!
19954-H... More Than You Ever Imagined
19964-H... More Than You Ever Imagined
19974-H Are You Into It?
19984-H Are You Into It?
19994-H Are You Into It?
20004-H Are You Into It?
2002The Power of YOUth
2003The Power of YOUth
20044-H Online
20054-H Connects
20064-H Takes You There
2007Keeping It Green
2008Keeping It Green
2009Meet the Future
2010Taking the Lead
2011Revolution of Responsibility
2012Join the Revolution of Responsibility
2013Join the Revolution of Responsibility
2014I am 4-H

This list was compiled by National 4-H History Preservation leadership team from assorted old records. Some of the themes listed from the 1990s to the present may NOT be national themes. This needs clarification. National themes are not known for some of these years.

Compiled by National 4-H History Preservation Team.

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