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National Partner in 4-H Citations and Crested Clover Awards

National Partners in 4-H Citations were initially presented to prominent men and women as Extension's highest honor for individual service to 4-H, starting in the 1940s. The Crested Clover Award, presented from 1961-1978, was the highest honor given by the Cooperative Extension Service in recognition of service to 4-H by corporations, organizations, associations and other groups.

Around 1978, the two awards were combined with the Partner in 4-H Awards being issued to both individuals and corporations or associations. The Partner in 4-H Awards program ended in 1993.

Presentations were normally made at appropriate events during the year by a representative of the Extension Administrator's Office, U.S. Departmelnt of Agriculture.

Although this may not be a complete listing of the recipients of these two special awards, it demonstrates the wide range of those who have received the award.

National Partner in 4-H Citations

  • F. N. Bridgham, Chairman, H. A. Moses Foundation, West Springfield, MA. (1949)
  • A. G. Brown, American Bankers Association, New York City. (1949)
  • H. S. Firestone, Jr., Chairman, Firestone Tire & Rubber, Co, Akron, OH. (1949)
  • Joan Frye, The Spool Cotton Company, New York City. (1949)
  • F. W. Jameson, Montgomery Ward, Chicago. (1949)
  • Fowler McCormick, Chairman of the Board, International Harvester Co., Chicago. (1949)
  • G. W. McCullough, Federal Cartridge Company, Minneapolis. (1949)
  • H. L. Porter, Standard Oil Company (Indiana). (1949)
  • Louis Ruthenburg, President, Servel, Inc, Evansville, IN. (1949)
  • H.C. Seymour, 4-H Consultant, Triangle Milling Co, Corvallis, OR. (1949)
  • Mabel R. Smith, National Committee on Boys and Girls Club Work, Chicago. (1949)
  • E. S. Marsh, President, The Santa Fe Railway System, Chicago. (1966)
  • S. W. White, Jr., President, Oliver Corporation, Chicago. (1966)
  • Elaine Pitts, Manager, Consumer Relations, The Sperry and Hutchinson Co., New York. (1966)
  • Reuben L. Smith, Manager, Special Services, Allis-Chalmers, Milwaukee. (1966)
  • MIldred L. Batchelder, Executive Secretary, Children's Services Division, American Library Association, Chicago. (1966)
  • Howard E. Law, Director, Programa Inter-Americano, San Jose, Costa Rica. (1966)
  • Joseph C. Welman, President, Bank of Kennett, Kennett, MO. (1966)
  • Eleanor Echo, 4-H Stylist, Simplicity Pattern Co, Inc. (1968)
  • Dr. David Heft, Chief, Higher Education and University Exchange, Pan-American Union, Washington, DC. (1968)
  • Harold Heldreth, Director of Youth Activities, National Safety Council, Chicago. (1968)
  • James E. Marler, President, Standard Brands Sales Company, New York, NY. (1968)
  • Dean McNeal, Group Vice President, Pillsbury Company, Minneapolis. (1968)
  • Raymond E. Rowland, Senior Chairman of the Board (retired) Ralston Purina Company, St. Louis. (1968)
  • W. T. Schnathorst, Supervisor, Educational Services, Farm Equipment Division, International Harvester Company, Chicago. (1968)
  • Dr. Wallace Ann Wesley, Assistant Director, Division of Socio-Economic Activities, American Medical Association, Chicago. (1968)
  • W. F. McCurdy, President, The Sears-Roebuck Foundation. (1969)
  • J. C. Penney, Founder, J. C. Penney Co., New York. (1969)
  • Dr. Catherine Richards, Children's Bureau, U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare, Washington, DC (1969)
  • Evelyn Duvall, Educator, Author & Lecturer. Chicago. (1969)
  • John Camp, former Executive Director, American International Association, now with Rockefeller Brothers Fund. (1969)
  • W. A. Sutton, Director of Extension, Georgia (retired). (1969)
  • C.W. Mills, Manager, Electric Utility Group, Marketing Communications, Westinghouse Electric Corporation. (1969)
  • Harry M. Feigin, Manager, Contributions Programs, International Mineral & Chemicals Corporation. (1969)
  • J. L. Debes III, Coordinator, Education Projects, Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester. (1969)
  • Dr. E. T. York, Jr., Provost, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL (1970)
  • Dr. L. A. Davis, president, Arkansas Agricultural, Mechanical and Normal College, Pine Bluff, AR (1970)
  • Mary Blake, Office of Child Development, U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare, Washington, DC (1970)
  • E. W. Ukkelberg, senior vice president, Deere & Company. (1970)
  • J. W. Shaver, president, Coat's & Clark's Sales Corporation. (1970)
  • Robert V. Guelich, vice president and public relations director, Montgomery Ward. (1970)
  • George L. Varnes, group vice president, Eli Lilly and Company (1970)
  • Ray C. Kooi, director of Ford Motor Company Fund, Dearborn. (1971)
  • William L. Smith, general manager, The Conrad Hilton Hotel, Chicago. (1971)
  • Ruth E. Simon, administrative director of the educational division, Simplicity Pattern Company, Inc. (1971)
  • John M. Martin, chairman of Hercules Incorporated, Wilmington, DE. (1971)
  • Curtis T. Lambert, chairman for West Virginia Banks, First National Bank, Philippi, WV. (1971)
  • Clifford D. Anderson, manager of public relations, J.C. Penney Company. (1971)
  • Dr. James S. Thomas, Bishop, United Methodist Church of Iowa, Des Moines, Iowa. (1971)
  • Mrs. Richard M. Nixon, First Lady, Washington, DC. (1971)
  • Galo Plaza, secretary general, Organization of American States (1972)
  • Larry A. Hapgood, associate secretary, Kiwanis International (1972)
  • Howard C. Harder, chairman of the board, CPC International (1972)
  • Hattie Kilgore, Krr Glass Manufacturing Corporation (1972)
  • Betty S. Martin, Institute of Life Insurance (1972)
  • C. V. Roseberry, vice president, Midwestern Region, Westinghouse Electric Corporation. (1972)
  • Faylola Muchow, vice president, National Extension Homemakers Council. (1972)
  • Paul Taft, State 4-H Leader Emeritus, Iowa State University. (1972)
  • Richard A. Aszling, vice president, public relations, General Foods Corporation. (1973)
  • Dr. Jose Emilio G. Araujo, director general, Inter-American Institute of Agricultural Sciences, OAS, San Jose, Costa Rica (1973)
  • Anthony G. De Lorenzo, vice president, public relations, General Motors Corporation (1973)
  • Robert P. Fordyce, coordinator, Youth Services, Consumer Markets Div., Eastman Kodak Company (1973)
  • Claude W. Gifford, director, Office of Communication, U.S. Department of Agriculture. (1973)
  • Jessie Hutton, director, Sewing Education, U.S. Consumer Products Division, The Singer Comppany (1973)
  • Walter E. Jeske, chief, Education and Publications Branch, Information Department, Soil Conservation Service, USDA. (1973)
  • Bette Jane McCabe, vice president, Dialog, a division of J. Walter Thompson Company (1973)
  • Charles W. Parker, Jr., vice president, Allis-Chalmers Corporation. (1973)
  • Satenig S. St. Marie, manager, Educational Consumer Relations, J. C. Penney Company. (1973)
  • Omer G. Voss, executive vice president, International Harvester Company. (1973)
  • Willard Scott, NBC Weatherman (1984)
  • Fred Schwengel, founder and president of the United States Capitol Historical Society. (1984)
  • Dr. Lloyd Besant, vice president, Educational and Publication Services, The Chicago Board of Trade. (1984)
  • Trecie Fennell, General Foods Corporation. (1984)
  • John Tilsch, former special representative, public relations, Santa Fe Railway. (1984)
  • Luther C. McKinney, senior vice president, corporate affairs, The Quaker Oats Company. (1984)
  • AMVETS National Service Foundation. (1985)
  • National Rifle Association. (1985)
  • American Quarter Horse Association. (1985)
  • Harold Poling, president and chief operating officer, Ford Motor Company. (1986)
  • The Ralston Purina Trust Fund (1986)
  • Senator Thad Cochran, Mississippi. (1986)
  • National Geographic Society. (1986)
  • Bob Hines, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. (1986)
  • Pilot Dogs, Incorporated (1987)
  • The Seeing Eye, Incorporated (1987)
  • Guide Dogs for the Blind, Inc. (1987)
  • Robert B. Gill, vice chairman, J. C. Penney Company (1988)
  • James E. Marler, Jr., retired senior vice president, Standard Brands Incorporated. (1988)
  • Chevron Chemical Company, Ortho Consumer Products Division. (1988)

Crested Clover Award

  • Gulf Oil Corporation (1970)
  • Readers Digest Foundation (1970)
  • White Farm Equipment (1970)
  • Purebred Dairy Cattle Association (1970)
  • The Singer Company (1970)
  • General Foods Corporation (1971)
  • Chicago Board of Trade (1971)
  • Purebred Dairy Cattle Association (1971)
  • Eli Lilly and Company (1971)
  • International Mineral and Chemical Corporation (1971)
  • International Institute of Agricultural Sciences (1971)
  • Eastman Kodak Company (1971)
  • National Association of Counties (1971)
  • Institute of American Poultry Industries (1971)
  • Deere and Company (1972)

Compiled by National 4-H History Preservation Team.

Compiled by National 4-H History Preservation Team.

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