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4-H Promotion Compendium: J. C. Penney And First Lady Patricia Nixon Co-chair Fund Raising Campaign

A National Compendium of 4-H Promotion and Visibility over the Past Century

J. C. Penney And First Lady Patricia Nixon Co-chair Fund Raising Campaign

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The Nation's First Lady, Mrs. Patricia Nixon, and J. C. Penney, meet at the White House to discuss their role in 4-H as honorary 4-H co-chairmen of the National 4-H Club Foundation's Advisory Council. With them is Barbara Evans, 4-H'er from Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Mrs. Richard M. Nixon and J. C. Penney were named honorary co-chairmen of the National 4-H Club Foundation Advisory Council in 1968. The announcement came from Howard C. Harder, chairman of CPC International, Inc. (formerly Corn Products Company) and head of the Advisory Council. Harder explained that the council's first task would be to raise $8 million to expand the National 4-H Center.

The First Lady, who was a 4-H'er in Los Angeles County, California, said "America has always been a land rich in constructive youth leadership. Today the need for this is greater than ever."

"I shall always be an enthusiastic supporter of the fine work of 4-H," Penney, the 93-year-old department chain store founder said.

Mrs. Nixon and Mr. Penney certainly exemplify the use of highly recognizable people to bring added visibility to a major 4-H project.

Compiled by National 4-H History Preservation Team.

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