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4-H Promotion Compendium: "Map Your 4-H History" Initiated In 2015

A National Compendium of 4-H Promotion and Visibility over the Past Century

"Map Your 4-H History" Initiated In 2015

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On April 28, 2015, "Map Your 4-H History" went live: an internet-based national atlas of sites that are historically significant to 4-H families.

Every 4-H club should ask the question, "Do we have a historically significant site in our county or state that should be nominated for the National 4-H Map/Atlas?" All 4-H members, staff, volunteers, alumni and supporters are encouraged to nominate locations that are significant to the 4-H history of your county, state or the nation.

What type of sites should be nominated? Examples: 4-H history museums, 4-H camps, 4-H fair grounds, locations of the first 4-H club in your state, the longest continuous 4-H club in your state, the first club of its type in your state, and famous 4-H alumni in your county or state.

To take a look at how the new National 4-H History Map will operate, go to: This story will be updated as the program develops.

History Mapping Poster

Compiled by National 4-H History Preservation Team.

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