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4-H Promotion Compendium: "I Dare You" Awards

A National Compendium of 4-H Promotion and Visibility over the Past Century

"I Dare You" Awards

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The "I Dare You" Award was first offered in 1941 by businessman and philanthropist, William H. Danforth, who dared young people to achieve their highest potential and to influence others through lives of service. The founder of Ralston Purina Company and a successful entrepreneur and civic leader, Mr. Danforth believed that a balanced four-fold life of mental, physical, social, and spiritual development sustained individuals for the demands of leadership.

The "I Dare You" Leadership Award is not a contest or competition. School principals or county agents are asked to select two nominees annually. The "I Dare You" book proudly sits on the shelves of hundreds of former 4-H'ers who have been fortunate enough to have been selected for the award.

Compiled by National 4-H History Preservation Team.

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