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National 4-H Congress - Atlanta

For over seven decades the National 4-H Congress was held in Chicago. Initially conceived as a boys' and girls' educational tour of Chicago for groups of 4-H'ers attending the International Live Stock Exposition, planned and coordinated by Guy Noble of Armour and Company, a major Chicago meat packing company, the event evolved into what became National 4-H Congress in 1922. (See the segment on National 4-H Congress - Chicago in this section on National 4-H History on the National 4-H History Preservation website for a history of this major event during the years it was held in Chicago.)

In 1994 the National 4-H Council, which conducted National 4-H Congress in coordination with the Extension Services of USDA and the state land-grant universities and colleges, announced they would no longer be hosting this traditional awards and recognition event.

There was no National 4-H Congress in 1995, but two invitational events were hosted by the Southern Region and Western Region states. And then, 1996 saw the rebirth of National 4-H Congress in Memphis, Tennessee under the leadership of the Extension Service - USDA. Memphis was the home of National 4-H Congress until the event moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 1998.

National 4-H Congress continues to be held annually in Atlanta for five days during November.

Contemporary History

For complete information on the current National 4-H Congress event, including Congress programs, workshops, tours, speakers and entertainment; Congress sponsors; and lists of those individuals responsible for planning and conducting the event, visit the National 4-H Congress website:

Compiled by National 4-H History Preservation Team.

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