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4-H Camps

4-H Camps

4-H Camps comprises a huge section of 4-H history. There is a separate section devoted to the National 4-H Camp which was held on The Mall in downtown Washington, D.C. starting in the 1920s. This section is devoted to state 4-H camps, which also started early in 4-H's history... and, are still, an important part of 4-H today.

Much has been written about 4-H camps in general, as well as individual camps, even including their history in some cases. The National 4-H History Preservation team has not given a great deal of attention to this section, as yet, because so much has already been written on various camps and camping activities, including theses, studies and curricula.

Perhaps a select bibliography of resources on 4-H camp history will be one resource. Another may be a listing of 4-H camps past and present and brief histories (or links to histories) for those which are available.

Four-H team member Chad Proudfoot is the major contact for this section. Those interested in researching and writing documentation for the section... we would like to hear from you. Contact:

National 4-H News Articles Relating to 4-H Camp

Article TitleIssuePage(s)
4-H Camps.August 195916
4-H Camping.March 196023, 24+
Camp Counseling: Two-Way Education.May 196016
State 4-H Camp.September 19371
13th Annual Washington Camp... Education, inspiration, recreation round out week for Negro 4-Hers.October 196018
It's Camp Time.May 19341+
5th Regional 4-H Camp for Negro Youth at Tuskegee.April 195212
17 States at Negro Camp.September 195226
South Carolina's Camp Long.October 195215
Camp Vail Report.November 195225
Camps Benefit Leaders and Members.June 195316
Negro 4-H Camp.August 195322
The Annual Regional 4-H Club Camp for Blacks.195434
7th Regional 4-H Club Camp in Southern States.October 195439
Camp Time is Fun Time.December 195456
4-H Camp Feature.April 196513-20.
The Creation of a Camp Counselor.June 196548
Camping Raises Their Sights.May 196620-21
Science Camps.May 196612-13
Negro 4-H Camp.August 195322
Camp: No Place for Homesickness. Cover +April 197414-17
A Camping Philosophy.June/July 197412-13
4-H Camp: A Personal Remininession.May 197620-21
Camping in 4-H, A Special Report by the National 4-H Camping Committee.April 197822, 25+
Check List for 4-H Camps.April 196120
4-H Campers Heed Call of the Wild.March 196213
Counties Combine for Popular Camp.June 196214-15
Fun & Study Camp, New Mexico.October 196222
They Made a Camp Where 'None Could Be'.October 196317
Wilderness Camps for Boys.May 196710-13
Three-Phase Creer Program Combined With Senior Camp.April 196819
Ouibachei.September 196828-30+
Family Camp.April 196924
Camping is Fun... But More. It's Growing and Learning, and Felling - and Living!May 197224-29
Summer Camping: No Matter What, Make it Fun.June-July 197110-13
Learn Now About Camping in the 70's.February 19716

Compiled by National 4-H History Preservation Team.

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