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4-H History Clubs and Collecting

Many people who have experienced 4-H - as a 4-H member, parent, club leader, extension agent, donor or friend - have found memories of these experiences.

Some of you may have kept the artifacts and memorabilia associated with your 4-H years... perhaps a 4-H medal or ribbon, a record book, project manual or leaders guide. You probably have memories of 4-H club meetings, the 4-H fair and perhaps experienced going to 4-H camp, 4-H Congress or some other event.

4-H Collecting Club

A new collecting club for those persons that collect 4-H memorabilia is now live! Located at, the site will provide information on collecting 4-H memorabilia. This is a free collecting club that you can join. Some of the features planned for the site include:

  • The 4-H Bazaar will provide a way to buy, sell or trade 4-H items.
  • A Discussion Forum will allow members to communicate with other 4-H collectors or to ask questions about particular items; perhaps an item you are searching for.

Display techniques and other collecting assistance is also provided on this website.

Starting a 4-H History Club

If you have a strong interest in 4-H history - particularly that of the 4-H club you once belonged to... or perhaps belong to now... you may want to consider starting a local or county 4-H history club to document the history and preserve the local artifacts of your club, your county 4-H fair or other related activities.

Check with your local county Extension office to solicit their support and interest. A local 4-H history club can be an ongoing project or activity. While we often think of documenting and preserving our past history, its just as important to document contemporary history - what we are doing today - so in years to come we will have a record of our activities and experiences.

A local 4-H history club can often get help and perhaps become a part of an existing group or organization such as a county historical society, local museum or library.

If you already have a state 4-H museum in your state, be sure to let them know of your interest in starting a 4-H History Club. They probably will have some good ideas or suggestions and can provide guidance on how to get started.

Compiled by National 4-H History Preservation Team.

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